Vagabond CrossFit WOD’S- 4/10/09

Another successful day at Vagabond CrossFit and the guys really showed some guts during their respective workouts. We have a new recruit, by the means of the Correctional Facility, which we will call him “The Hamburgular”. The Ham came to me today and just said to me
he was tired of being stagnant with his workouts. He felt he had plateau at the “Globo Gym” and was ready to take on another mission. I said to him that this is the place to be and that CrossFit is exactly what he is looking for in his new regime. We went over the basic 6 first fundamentals and the Ham had same great technique and great form during his overview of the fundamentals. His background is with power lifting and Oly Lifts because he played college football at the D2 level, so he is pretty well established within these movements. However, their is always room for improvement and Vagabond CrossFit will show him the light. He never squatted below parallel before, and “Tabata Bottom to Bottom” really smoke his legs. A 3 minute workout can do some damage when you perform the movement correctly. He did a great job and I welcome the Ham to Vagabond CrossFit with open arms and open callouses.
“Ham WOD”
Overview of the First 6 Fundamental Movements
“Tabata Bottom to Bottom”
Chris made a huge step in his progress today and finally got some ring work. He performed the dreaded “Lucky Number 7” courtesy of CROSSFIT NEW HAMPSHIRE and he killed the workout. He never experienced a workout with the rings before, and realized you do not have to do triceps workouts at the gym to get a fantastic workout on the rings. The rings are so cool and vital to becoming a better CrossFitter and Chris finally realized that today, as he attacked this workout with great ambition. His round score was very impressive and realized within CrossFit, you must go to fail and work your butt off to finish the workout. I told him if you are doing a workout and do not have unbroken sets at some point, then you are not doing a workout that will benefit you. However, you do not want to be stopping every rep and taking a break during a METCON workout. But, with every workout, you want to bust your hump and almost feel that you cannot finish it, but still have the will power and fortitude to get through it. This is how Vagabond CrossFit will work. In Vagabond CrossFit, you will not breeze through workouts, but the workout will bust your hump and after a few minutes of catching your breath and guts, you feel like you actually got something out of it. Great Job Chris!
Chris WOD- “Lucky 7’s”- Rounds- 7
7 Thrusters
7 Pull-ups
7 Ring Dips
7 Box Jumps(20 in)
This was Kevin’s first dance with the likes of top to bottom ladder. This meaning you start at high reps work your way down to low reps and then work your way back up the ladder. It is amazing to see where Kevin has come from because a week ago, he could not perform abmat sit-ups without me holding his feet. Today, I barely held his feet and he completed them all as RX. He was great today and still begins to make great strides in CrossFit.
Kevin WOD- “Attacking the Ladder”- 20-15-10-5-10-15-20- Time- 13:58
Push Press
Jumping Pull-Ups
Abmat Sit-ups
Ross also attacked a little workout that involved some of the fundamentals with a run. Ross is strong and flexible and really hit this workout hard. Even with his 3rd workout into CrossFit, Ross has showed some great improvements. His Push Press is near perfect, but he still has to work on his SDHP. Within the SDHP, people get confused thinking that it is pull workout. It has pull in the name, but you are getting your power from your legs and the shrug that you perform. Your back must stay at the lumbar curve with your chest out, and drive up with your legs. Ross will understand this, when he gets to heavier weight, because it will save his back from real damage. That is why we perform the Skills and Drills warm-up everyday to practice repetition and mental memory practice. Ross was outstanding today and showed some great progress.
Ross WOD- 3 Rounds- 21-15-9 Time: 9:58
SDHP(45 lbs)
Push Press(45 lbs)
200 m Run
Vagabond CrossFit News:
As you can see we are officially working out at the new garage gym and will have all the weights and equipment in by tomorrow. I received the rowing machine, which I was very pleased to have within Vagabond CrossFit. Also, I put my Specialized Bike within the domain, to have available during CrossFit Endurance Workouts for myself and later on for the guys. The gym is starting to take shape and cannot wait for Saturday when we move the rest of the equipment into the gym. We also will be doing a little decorating over the next week and will have some gnarly painting jobs done by Chris. Thanks alot guys for your support and help within this move.