Vagabond Fitness Workout 4/5/09
Chris: 5 Rounds for Time: 11:28
15 Overhead Squats 15 reps(55 lbs)
400 m Run
Could not ask for a better day today and Chris really proved himself with a scaled workout called “Nancy”. In some aspects people might not think that certain people are ready to attack the main page WODs, but after reviewing Chris’s stats and overall improvement over the last three weeks, I felt he was ready to attack this workout. Chris has great flexibility in his hip flexors due to his hockey background and athletic nature that he has performed over the years. I was truly impressed with his conditioning and overall intensity throughout the whole workout. We went with 45 lbs because Chris has never performed an Overhead Squat with weight, besides, the PVC Pipe. This was a good decision because by the fourth and fifth round he was beginning to fatigue and show tiredness in his face. This is why I tell the guys everyday how important the Skills and Drills warm up is to performing better at the workouts. It trains your body the different movements everyday and better prepares yourself for upcoming workouts. Safety and Technique are the first two components to becoming a better athlete and intensity will follow. I drill these guys everyday in the first 9 fundamental movements and try to explain to them how important they really are in everyday, independent living. Chris showed some great determination and busted through the workout. A month ago Chris would not have been able to perform this workout as he did today. The running is what scared Chris, but today showed him after only three weeks, how he has improved physically and mentally with his abilities. Chris a great listener and really sinks the information into his brain. He is always asking questions and is always ready to learn something new.
Skills and Drills
Here is the Skills and Drills that I teach everyday to my guys and have them do before every workout. This will benefit you greatly and keep your mind fresh with all the movements:
Row 1000 to 2000 meters (increase wattage from 120 to a minimum of 240 by completion)
Run 800 to 1600 meters (Slow steady pace- 85% of best 5k/optional negative-split style run)
3-10 Reps each/4[:30 x :15r] for holds & support drills:
Pull-ups/Push-ups/Sit-ups/ L sit Pull Ups/ Shins to bar/ Glute Ham Developer Sit-ups/ Glute Ham Developer Back Extensions/ Handstand Push-ups & Hold Ring Dips & Support Holds Muscle-ups L-sits (Paralettes or rings)
10 Correctly executed reps of the 9 Fundamental Movements:
Air Squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat/Shoulder Press /Push Press/Push Jerk Deadlift SDHP Medicine Ball Cleans
3-5 Rounds with 3 reps per movement of:
Burgener Warm-Up
Optional additions include the Snatch Balance Drills, Jerk/Squat Drills, Clean Sequence, etc.
Vagabond News: As I said before, I was approved affiliation, and will be sending in 2 of the 3 items through fax on Monday. The last step is to pay the money to use the CrossFit name, which I will do in the middle of the week. If everything goes as planned, Vagabond will become an affiliate of the CrossFit World. I talked to one of the head people at CrossFit on the phone today and she really impressed me with her concern and overall enthusiasm with this matter. She gave me some great advice and will follow her plans. I hope everything works out alright this week and we will be able to move into the new garage by next Monday. We will be finishing the pull up bar on Tuesday and cross my fingers that it will go smoothly. We will be moving all the weights and other material into the new garage gym by the weekend.