Vagabond Fitness Workout- 4/4/09

Kevin’s Workout- 8 x 200 m-(Hold Deviation within 10 seconds of the first interval)-
All runs were within 10 seconds- 35-45 seconds
Quote of the Day: I asked Kevin how was the workout for today. He looked at me and said “Great, but I never want to do that again”- Now we all know that is not true and will attacking workouts like this in the near future.
The beauty of running, which is my favorite activity. Kevin went through a great workout today and showed that anyone can get through a running workout, as long, as if you have the right person watching your every move. Kevin’s background is not in running and was a little perplexed why he had to run today. I have been planning this workout for the last two week, just for Kevin, to show him over the last few weeks that Vagabond Fitness will hit every aspect of fitness that is out there. He got through the workout and showed everyone that running is an essential component to being successful within this domain. Mono structural workouts, meaning concentrating on one movement at that time. Examples of Mono structural workouts are running, swimming, cycling, and rowing. All these are vital to be successful with the level of fitness that we will be training with throughout the coming months. These are great workouts to do on a single day by itself because it concentrates on one movement and has your body guessing at what you will be doing next for a workout. Running is a great endurance workout and also a great indicator of how the person’s fitness level is at during that time period. Kevin pushed through the workout and completed all 8 rounds. I set him up with a workout that was based on his physical ability, but was also going to challenge him at the same time. These interval workouts are key to becoming a better runner and also a faster runner. You do not have to run 20 miles to become a faster, stronger, and complete runner, but working at interval and tempo trial runs are just as beneficial. As we delve into other mono structural workouts, these guys will see how the Pose Technique will limit their injuries and also create faster and more efficient times within their running abilities. I was very impressed with Kevin today and also gave me some training in Running and Endurance because I leave for NJ in less than 2 weeks to receive my certification in running an endurance to better prepare me to train others and also myself with my running regiment. I cannot stress the importance enough of these type of workouts that will be a constant add in with the daily workouts that we perform everyday. Kevin you did a great job and had some great times for your first timed run in awhile!!
You will also see in the pictures that I posted some pics of Kevin warming up with some flexibility stretches. These are great for the HIP FLEXORS and will benefit Kevin and my other guys to execute all the movements at higher success rate and also gain some needed flexibility within their hip flexors. One of those pictures he looks foolish in is called the DUCK WALK, which is great for flexibility in the Hips!!