This was a great day today for Vagabond Fitness. We started around 4:30 pm and the skies were evident that it was going to rain at some point. However, we had no idea at the end of our workout that it would be thundering and lightning out, while, we finished up on Push Presses. It was truly a milestone and a day we will remember later on down the road. It is great to have the loyalty and fortitude of these friends of mine. They have no quit and always seem to push themselves to the limit. Today, they smoked the workouts and their times will be evident of that. I have been on the move and will hopefully be affiliated by next week. I have been approved and just have to get a few things in order to send the final notice of my agreement. I am excited and thrilled to see the energy and willingness of the guys throughout these last few weeks. Next Tuesday, we will be finishing the pull up bar(hopefully), by putting up support beams every three and half feet along the 14 foot steel poll bar. It is strong and held Ross and I up fine, but would like to have that extra support up there, so that we can throw few more people on it at one time. Sometimes, I have no patience and want everything to happen at once. I must remember to have patience and let everything fall into place. Enough of me and back to the beasts that ripped up their workouts today with complete brutality and fearsomeness. Chris is starting to really blossom and is showing stuff on the rings, that sometimes I do not think I can perform. He is working the fundamentals and killing it hard. His technique is progressing everyday and we had sometime to work on his med ball cleans before his workout. This is why I tell the guys that the WARMUP is so important to perform everyday. It is essential to practice those 9 fundamental moves and to work on the little things like ring dips, pull-ups, abmat sit-ups, and Coach B warm ups. Kevin and Dru also killed it today and put some impressive times up for their workout. They both were beat down hard by the workout, but they showed their guts and got through it I always tell them that the most important during the workout is to just get through it. Most important is safety, technique, then intensity. These guys are already hitting on all cylinders. Tomorrow will be a Rest Day for them and they will perhaps be back at it on Sunday, if I do not head up to New Hampshire for the day. Keep getting at it!!
Chris Workout- Three Rounds for Time- 5:15(all movements at 65 lbs)
15 x Deadlift-
12 x Front Squat
9 x Push Press
Dru/Kevin Workout- Kevin Time- 10:58 Dru Time- 9:58
Three Rounds for Time of 21-15-9
200 m Run
Jumping Pull-ups
Front Squats( 55 lbs)
Push Press(55 lbs)