Vagabond Fitness WOD– 4/1/09- Workouts and The Future of Vagabond

Josh/ Chris WOD:
Medicine Ball Overview and Technique Training:
8 Minutes:AMRAP
7 Medicine Ball Cleans
7 Push-Ups
Josh- 8 and Half Rounds
Chris- 9 and Half Rounds
These two killed this workout today and showed some great will power. They had trouble at first with the movement, but who doesn’t. Medicine Ball Cleans are a great indicator of were the trainee is at and this WOD killed both of them. They get a well deserved REST DAY tomorrow, but will hit Friday hard. Both Chris and Josh have been great to work with and have the determination to trek on this little adventure through the gallows of Vagabond.
Andrew WOD– Introduction into first 6 fundamental movements-
WOD– “Tabata This
20:10 x 6 rounds
Air Squats
Abmat Sit-ups
Jumping Pull-ups
Andrew is a new recruit and was really good today. He already has the flexibility in his hips, so the first 3 squat movements were a breeze for him. He did a g
reat job on the next three movements that involved the push movements. Andrew will be great at this and will become a great addition to Vagabond.

Some News: Tonight Ross and I took a trek to Home Depot and purchased a 14 foot long steel pipe. We setup the pull-up bar and next week we will attacked the support systems to give it extra strength. Ross has been a great help and a great contributor to my dream. He will be training with us when the summer hits and I know he will be a great addition to Vagabond.