Vagbond Fitness WOD– 3/31/09

Josh and Chris WOD: Josh- 11 and half rounds- Chris 12 and half rounds
15 mins: AMRAP(As Many Rounds As Possible) of:
Jumping Pull-ups X 12
200 m Run
These were great scores and very impressive. These guys are really starting to understand how important fundamentals are to being a great athlete within this domain. They were slayed by the end of them and really busted their humps to get through this workout. They went all out and it showed.
Some more news: I am currently working out of a temp garage at my friend’s house, which is great and perfect, but just met with a friend tonight and will be moving in there by next week. This place is great and has some real character. We will be putting up a huge pull up bar to run across the ceiling and have plenty of space. I put some pictures up of the new garage gym and I am very excited about the new place.

I will be attending the certification class in less than three weeks down at Crossfit Montclair to receive my cert in Running and Endurance. I have been salivating at this opportunity and cannot wait to meet one of my heroes Brian McKenzie. This will be a great weekend and will def learn some great things.