Weekend at Crossfit New Hampshire- 3/29/09
WOD- “Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds for 5 mins and rest 1 min between each round- 1 min for each movement:
20 lb medicine ball-Wall Ball
Sumo Dead High Pull(75 lbs)
Box Jump
Push Press(75lbs)

This was the best workout I have had awhile and the atmosphere this weekend was crazy. I can only hope and wish someday that my “box” will be something like this. Everyone killed themselves, including me, who was completely torn apart after it was over. I cannot say enough how great Crossfit New Hampshire is and how far they have come. They are starting to put together some real great athletes. For the people in my area, anyone can do these workouts, but it takes time and a sincere effort to reach an ability. A baby does not walk on their first day in this world. I am here to help you and support you and create a positive community within my future garage gym. I hope everything will work out and I believe I found another garage gym in Whitman, Ma, at my buddies Ross’s house. This place is sweet and has more than enough space to accommodate us for the time being. This weekend was great and basically gave me a natural high from just the atmosphere and the workouts. The intensity within the garage was amazing and the community really supports everyone within the walls of the Savage Society. I love going up to this place because the workouts are done right and I get to learn something new everyday about peoples abilities and how people can excel with a little intensity and determination.

New Recruit:
I would like to welcome by close friend, Ross, to the Vagabond Community. This kid will be a great addition to the walls of Vagabond Fitness. He is currently a correctional officer and has the determination and will power to be great. He has already tapped into Crossfit with his training in the academy and is looking great. Ross is also the one that has hopefully offered me his garage to train people out of. His garage is perfect and we could begin as soon as next week with the training. Ross is a great friend and is leaning towards becoming one of my business partners during this adventure. I welcome him open arms and hope to make this relationship a successful journey.