Vagabond WOD- 3/30/09

Kevin WOD- Time-10:18
4 rounds of 12-9-6-3-
Push Press(25 lbs)
SDHP(25 lbs)
200 m Run
Chris WOD- Reached 12-12-12- This was a great day for Chris!!
“Ascension Ladder” WOD
With a running clock complete an additional rep each minute on the minute until you fail to finish all three movements in the prescribed time. Ex. 1-1-1 for the first minute, 2-2-2 on the second minute, 3-3-3 on the third minute, until you can not finish the next round. Use the movements listed below:
Air Squats

Josh WOD-“Ouch” WOD- 14:18

10 abmat sit-ups
10 push-ups
10 air squats
10 burpees
2o0 m Run

This was a great day for the guys. They are starting to really come around and are really starting to enjoy their workouts. They will see improvements everyday. They might not see it as much as me, but even with simple techniques with the air squat and push press, they have come a long way over the last two weeks. I am so excited about were this going and so proud of these guys. They all push through the workouts and get it done. That is what I tell them, just to get through the workouts and push yourself 100 percent. Kevin did outstanding today and showed vast improvements in his Push Press and toughed out the dreaded burpees part. Even his running form looked a little better today, after only 3 days. Chris was a beast and had a great day on his workout. His pull-ups are great and I am really impressed with his pull up technique. He goes complete dead hang with chin over bar. He pushed through this and realized such a simple workout can really hit every body part. Josh was amazing and really put forth a great effort. It was cool to see him pushing himself on that last 200 m run to his absolute potential. That is all I asked from people is to give it their all. They will see results with the proper intensity and training. You can tell in one of the pictures of pure enjoyment of Josh as he raises his hands after he new the workout was complete. Great Day!!