Vagabond CrossFit WOD- 3/28/09- Happy Birthy Day to My Sister, Julie!!!!

Chris WOD-“ Fundamentals+ Run” For Time: 13:08
5 Rounds for time with reps of 15-12-9-6-3 of
Front Squats (45 lb barbell)
Push-Press(45 lb barbell)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull(45 lb barbell)
250m Run

Johnnie WOD- “Ouch” Time:7:44
3 rounds for time:
200 m Run
10 abmat sit-ups
10 push-ups
10 air squats
10 burpees

Chris and Johnnie were awesome today and showed me some true determination. They worked the fundamentals and gave a 100 percent effort. That’s all we need during these workouts is a full effort and maximum intensity. This will increase your power, speed, strength, and the rest of the ten aspects of fitness. Chris did a push/pull workout with a run. This workout shows him that all these movements are vital to becoming a better athlete within Vagabond Fitness. We hit the fundamentals hard today and these workouts showed that technique and form are a key to success within these fitness walls.

Kevin WOD- “Tabata Protocol” 20 seconds on: 10 second rest
Total Number of Reps:

Air Squats
Abmat Sit-ups
150 m run

Kevin did great today and was hit with the basic tabata protocol, but with an added run. He pushed through the workout and was toast after. His intensity was full throttle, and this goes a long way during these workouts. Also, he performed his fi
rst correct Push Jerk, which was a huge step over the last couple of days. Every movement, every workout these guys will see results and gains, which will make them hungry for more. Johnnie also performed his first Push Jerk today, after a long two days of frustration and just being pissed off. He hit the workout hard and got through it. I remind these guys everyday that this stuff is not just going to come to them overnight. It will take a few weeks, maybe months, or years before everything is perfect, which it won’t be. However, if you work hard and have the patience, you will see gains everyday and improve fitness right behind. I cannot stress enough the importance of technique and form within Crossfit. It is a must and a key component to being successful.

We got the Pull-up bar up today also the bumper plates and medicine ball will be in next week. I am so pumped for this because we have everything we need for the time being to do all the fundamental work and some killer workouts.