TJ WOD- Missed this workout due to his Prom— Will make up this weekend

“Oh, Fundamentals”- 5 rounds for Time- 21-18-15-12-9
Row 250 m
Medicine Ball Cleans( 20 lbs)
Push Press(75 lbs)
Deadlift(155 lbs)
Push Jerk(75 lbs)
Air Squats

Chris WOD-

Overview of first 8 fundamental lifts
3 Rounds for time of: 7:44

250 m run

10 abmat sit-ups

10 push-ups

10 air squats

10 burpees
Chris did an excellent job today and was quite impressive. It is amazes me after only two days were he is as of right now. His technique in the first 8 fundamental movements have really impressed me and gotten my attention. Chris killed this workout today and busted his hump all the way through the WOD. Great Job Chris!!

Kevin WOD

Introduction to Fundamentals- First 6 Movements- Squat/Front Squat/Overhead Squat/Overhead Press/Push Press/Push Jerk

“Tabata Squats”

6 rounds 20 on/ 10 sec rest

Kevin was great today and gave a sincere effort into his workout. He was very attentive and a perfect trainee. He listened and understood my thoughts that I spewed to him throughout the training session. The first 45 minutes was banging out the first 6 fundamental lifts. He did a great job and showed me some good things. Kevin’s background is with hockey and lacrosse, so he has the flexibility already with his hips. Kevin has been dieing for a workout like this and to let him know He has found his calling from the Gods!!!
Recent News within Vagabond World:

The Vagabond Fitness is really starting to take and starting to see some new people. I am very happy to have my old friends training with me and beating the crape out of them. They all have great will power and have showed some great intensity over the last few days. I just ordered my first set of bumper plates. I ordered some Rogue Fitness Bumper Plates for a 230 lb set, which will be good for now. Also Chris and Johnnie will be putting up a pull-up bar that will stretch about 8 ft across. I am happy to have these two on board because they are really good with their hands and are always helpful. I am very happy where this is going and hope to keep making strides over the next few months.