Vagabond Fitness WOD- 3/25/09

Vagabond Fitness WOD 3/25/09
150 Wall Ball Shots(20 lbs)
Time: 8:19

This will be a new workout for TJ and will show him that a simple medicine ball at 20 lbs can give you a killer workout. The medicine ball is a great invention and it will show that TJ will have to bow down to the Dynamax ball. He was great and showed true determination in finishing this workout. TJ did a great job today and put up a really impressive score, this kid has come a long way and is really starting to peak for real great performances. Tomorrow will be a rest day.

Some Pointless News: I invested in a gas mask with the influence of Sammy from Crossfit New Hampshire, that piece of crape. I tried a 500 meter row tonight with on and it was brutal. The reason I purchased one was to increase my endurance and also when I head out to California in the summer, I will be used to the elevation. The gas mask is a great way to simulate a high altitude atmosphere and I can tell you first hand, it is a hell of alot harder to row with a gas mask on than without one on. It was a great investment and will be pushing myself to the limit with this little contraption. Also, I would like to say that this website is for the people I train and will never post my workouts at all. It is not about me, but about the people who are giving up their time to endure during these workouts. I am here for you and will always put my trainees first. I want this to be a COMMUNITY and become a great atmosphere for people to train in. I am very excited about were this going and will hopefully have something in the coming months or sooner.

Josh WOD-“Tabata Bottom to Bottom” 20 seconds on 10 second rest at the bottom x 4 rounds
Josh is a newbie, but an old friend that wanted to get back into better shape. I told him to look at Crossfit and Crossfit New Hampshire’s webpage and he was hooked. He loved the sites and was immediately interested in putting his balls to the test for Crossfit. We started off by learning the basic fundamentals of Crossfit with the first 6 movements. These are air squat/ front squat/ overhead squat/ overhead press/ push press/ push jerk. Then I slaughtered him with his first WOD in Crossfit with Tabata Bottom to Bottom. This workout consists of doing air squats for 2o seconds and 10 seconds rest with the rest at the bottom of the movement. However, scaled it down to 4 rounds for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest at the bottom. Josh was quite impressive and will be a great person to work with in Crossfit. He has the drive and the determination to be a great Crossfitter, but he must as always be trained and hit hard with the fundamentals at first. Josh is an old friend and his background includes being very athletic throughout his high school tenure. He was a great basketball player, as well, as a great cross country runner. However, time has passed and has inevitable gained unnecessary weight over the last few years. However, we all know Crossfit will change all this!!!

JOSH WOD- 1st round- 16 air squats. 2nd round- 12 air squats- 3rd round- 11 air squats- 4 th round- 10 air squats

Vagabond WOD- 3/26/09-
TJ- Rest Day
Josh- Rest Day
Matt- Rest Day
Chris and Johnnie will be the new recruits and will begin their journey into Crossfit. Chris is one of my oldest and dearest friends and have known him forever. He was a great hockey player and a great friend. He wanted something new and I told him well Crossfit is right up your alley. They will be introduce to the fundamentals and will test their
ability in the WOD of “Tabata Bottom to Bottom”. This will be a nice little workout to initiate them into the Vagabond Community. Also, Chris could possibly be my business partner into looking for a garage gym and possibly could be doing this out of his garage in the coming weeks. Let’s cross our fingers and hope everything will work out. The best thing about Crossfit is you can do this stuff anywhere. I mean look where I trained Josh. I trained him in his friggin backyard and he got a great workout. Crossfit is the best thing in the world and the most convenient, but a brutal regiment that has people drooling for me, including myself everyday.

Kevin- Also, I would like to introduce my other friend, Kevin, who will turn to the darkside and join the ranks of Vagabond Fitness on Friday, when I introduce him to the fundamentals and an overview of VAGABOND FITNESS. Kevin is just like any of my friends who have come sick of traditional fitness and is thirsting for more athletic ability.