Vagabond Fitness WOD

Southland WOD– 3/24/09
Skills and Drills Warm-up
1000 meter row
50 thrusters with 45 lbs
30 pull-ups
Since we pulled yesterday with the deadlifts, I wanted to see TJ implement the front squat and push press with this workout. Since we have been hitting the fundamentals hard, this is a good measure of where he is at in form and technique. The thrusters are at light weight, but it is a killer with 50 repetitions. Also, I have been coaching him in the rowing technique and wanted to see were he was at with his row times. Everyone should have time trials written down in their log book for running, rowing, swimming and biking, which is a key component to Crossfit Endurance. Keeping time trials data shows you were you are at and what you have to hit for tempo, interval, or time trial workouts. It is a good indicator and great source to have to see your progress. The time trial for 1000 meter row will be the second log that TJ will have besides his 500 meter row. This was a great workout and TJ killed it. I am so impressed at were he is at and how far he has come over the last month and a half. He has determination and will power to complete his workouts and has the no quit attitude that goes hand and hand with Crossfit’s theories. “JACKIE” s a brutal met con workout, which is means metabolic conditioning. It will show me were he is at in his front squat technique, but also were he is at in his push press technique. Fundamentals, Fundamentals is what I am about and Crossfit New Hampshire trainees and Sammy, the owner, would agree with me. Repetition creates a better CROSSFITTER!!!

WOD– Matt
Overview first 8 fundamental lifts-
Medicine Ball Clean Technique and form-

8 mins: 7 Medicine Ball Cleans/ 7 Push-ups

Rounds: Ten Rounds- This is a solid effort and Matt is starting to really understand the basics of Crossfit and starting to pick up alot of new information.
This will show me where Matt is at also in his form with his air squat and basically his clean form. This is a brutal workout, that I did at the Level Cert down in New Jersey. We did it for 12 minutes, but this is sufficient enough for 8 minutes, were it is going to kill Matt hardcore. The Medicine Ball Clean is a tough and high intensity movement that helps with all the clean movements. Matt did a great job and was very impressive with his intensity throughout the workout.