What is Fitness? Metabolic Engines(Your energy system) Providing energy for all human action. Total Fitness requires competency and training in each of these engines:

Phosphagen engine(anaerobic)- dominates the highest powered activities(those that last than 1o seconds)
Glycolytic engine(anaerobic)-dominates the moderate powered activities(those that last up to several minutes)
Oxidative engine(aerobic) dominates low powered activities that last in excess of several minutes-
Ten Aspects of Fitness-
Endurance/Stamina/Strength/Flexibility/Power/Speed/Coordination/Agility/Balance/Accuracy- With these ten aspects of Fitness, you will excel in your goals and become a COMPLETE ATHLETE!!! Crossfit will hit all these regions!!! Making you a better athlete and give you a greater understanding of what FITNESS SHOULD BE ABOUT!!!
What is Crossfit?
Crossfit goal is to keep varied movements within their workouts. We call this constantly variation meaning the workouts will never be the same and you will always keep your body guessing. We run each workout with functional movements,which means, the moves need to be essential and be compatible with independent living. This means that each movement and workout will help with your everyday lives. So, this means we do not do the conventional gym workout like bicep curls, leg extensions or leg curls. These only concentrate on one muscle group and does not enhance your ability to be a better athlete and overall a better physical specimen. With crossfit comes HIGH INTENSITY!!! The workouts will be brutal and exhausting, but after each workout you will feel better and have a better sense of what fitness really should be about. ALL GOOD THINGS FROM FITNESS COMES FROM INTENSITY!!!
The 9 Fundamental Movements of Crossfit: You will be trained in these extensively and you will master these movements with countless hours of instruction and practice within these movements.
Air Squat- Front Squat- Overhead Squat
Shoulder Press- Push Press-Push Jerk
Deadlift-Sumo Deadlift High Pull- Medicine Ball Clean
Crossfit is a great community and drives you to be a better person.
Nutrition- These days the low fatm high carb diet is the most popular diet, however, under Crossfit this approach is look upon as inefficient and useless. We try to show people that a balance diet involving a balance diet of protein, carbs, and fat is the way to appropriate health and overall better physical performance.
 Crossfit follows the “ZONE” diet, which is based on balancing your fat, protein, and carb intake
Fat- 40%
Carbs- 30%
Nutrition can go on and on, so I will write more about it in time and also will talk about it better in person
Google- The Zone Diet
Another diet that is also very healthy and shows to increase physical performance is called the Paleo Diet-
This based on eating like our ancestors ate during the Paleolithic Period or the Caveman Period. Back then people were healthy and more muscular due to their diet. During these diets you must stay away from processed foods and also foods high in bad fat such as poly saturated fat and so on. Also grains, dairy, and such must be avoided to stay within this strict regiment. However, we mus remember that we are human and will make faults. So, within these diets we can have cheat days. A cheat day consists of taking one day out of the week and consuming your favorite meals that do not follow the zone or paleo diet. However, the other days you must a strict regiment. Cheat days also can be seen as you do not have to do it every week. It is a concept were if you are really lagging and getting sick of your diet, then take a day and eat what you want. For example, if you eat 35 meals a week, you are allowed to have 5 cheat  meals throughout the week. If you follow a diet around 90% of efficiency, then you will still see results.
To find more information on these diets look up the Paleo Diet on google. More will be talked on nutrition, since it is a cornerstone of Crossfit.
Overall in Crossfit you will cover a broad array of athletic abilities and touch in a physical prowess that you never knew you had. You will touch into abilities such as gymnastics, Olympic lifting, and endurance sports. Each person will be evaluated and see were there physical abilities are. You will not start out doing crossfit workouts as they are, but you will start off slow and be taught the basics of crossfit and the fundamental movements. This will lead to greater sense of technique, which is left out in many other fitness workouts. You will be amazed at what you can do and I will work with you to reach your goals and become the person you want to be. 
There will be many posts discussing these areas, but just wanted to give you an overview of what crossfit is all about and what it takes to become what you want to be— Meaning- That you want to be healthier and in better shape with a great workout and a great program
Do not be scared with all this information and do not be overwhelmed because I am here for You and always willing to do anything to improve your health and physical ability