"A Wall of a Time"(7.18.2011)

Dream Big!

I.Dr. Mike Molloy Nutrition Seminar:
There is about 2 weeks left until Dr. Mike Molloy makes his presence again at Vagabond CrossFit. Dr. Mike has new material and is willing to share his new material with Vagabond CrossFit for his lecture. Dr. Mike has helped numerous people on the side from Vagabond and has also been my nutrition guide and now my coach for the time being. Please, take this Saturday off from whatever you are doing, and see this guy talk. He will give you valuable information and you will not be disappointed. The cost of this seminar is way cheap and well worth it, and the benefits outweigh the cost!
Nutritional and Lifestyle Seminar with Dr. Mike Molloy on Saturday, August 6th, 2011:
The day long seminar (9:30-3:00) will explore how to manage your food and lifestyle to improve weight loss, increase performance and manage inflammation. You will learn how and why people become fat and how we can tip the balance in favor of weight loss. You will also learn why some foods cause us to become chronically sick and how removing them from your diet can cause profound benefits for a range of chronic diseases. Most importantly, you will learn how to implement these changes to your diet in an easy and effective manner.
Topics will include:
macronutrient ratios
the importance of sleep
connection between health and mood
*Mike has worked in the medical research community for almost a decade on topics ranging from muscle regeneration to immunology and vaccine research. Additionally, he has three years of experience in the Crossfit community both as an athlete and as a coach of individuals and teams.*
Reserve your spot with Kevin ASAP. Cost is 50 dollars for the whole day.
II. Dynamic Warm-Up:
Coaches option 5 to 7 minutes you choose movements
III. Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
1. 3 way shoulder stretch
2. Lacrosse ball scapula work, shoulder work
3. Hip openers for squats, coaches option you choose movement to open peoples hips for wall balls.
IV. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Shoulder press wave loading
3 reps- 2 reps- 1 rep- 3 reps- 2 reps- 1 rep
People can go based on the feel, they can go for pr on second 1 rep or just stay medium to heavy
B. 6 sets of
20 Wall Balls
Sprint 200 m
Rest 90 seconds between sets
Post Weights Used and Total Time to Comments.