"Active Recovery Day"(8.14.2010)

Coach Ross Getting Under the Bar with Elbows Up and Some Ladies Looking On!!

I. CrossFit Running Certification:
The gym will be closed on Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15th, 2010 due to the CrossFit Running Certification being held at the Vagabond Running Facility. Please take this time to actively stretch and foam roll any problem areas in your body.

II. Social Event on Saturday Night, August 14th, 2010:
There are a few Vagabonds who are going to meet at the Vagabond Facility around 5:30 pm to go out to dinner with myself, Ross, and few of the Pose Running Coaches doing the CrossFit Running Certification. I made reservations at Bugaboo Creek for 6:30 pm on Westgate Drive at the Brockton Mall. All are welcome to join us for a good night out. Please give me a call if you are interested in joining or meet us at the Vagabond Facility at 5:30 pm.

III. Active Recovery Workout of the Day:
Please enjoy your next two days off, as next week the intensity and the workouts will be scaled up and asked from every Vagabond to be ready for a great week of workouts.

You should be doing the following over the next couple of days.

*Eat Clean and Paleo Style on Saturday and Sunday*

* Do Something Active, Do no Stay Inactive*

*Go out for a light jog, a swim, a walk, or actively stretch throughout the weekend*

*Do no stay inactive, as this is an enemy to your body*