The Gymnastics Class was a huge success last week and part 2 will be this Tuesday. Make sure you are on time and ready to build upon those skills you learned last week!

I. Vagabond CrossFit Basics Gymnastics Class:
The second part of the 3 weeks series for the Vagabond Gymnastics Class will be held again this Tuesday at 5:30 pm. All Vagabond are welcome and the cost is totally free for all Vagabond CrossFit members. If you want to improve on some skill development or just want to feel more comfortable learning the basic movements of gymnastics protocol, then this is the class for you!
Anyone who is not a member of Vagabond CrossFit, the cost of the gymnastics is only 15$ for the on hour session!
Part 2, Basics Gymnastics Class @ 5:30 pm, July 5th, 2011
II. Dynamic Prep Warm-up:
3 Rounds of:
Run 200 m
PVC Dislocates x 15 reps
Hollow Rocks x 10 reps
Air Squats x 15 reps
III. Mobilization Prep Warm-Up:
1. 3 Way Shoulder Stretch- Openers
2. High Hamstring Stretch Banded
3. Foam Roll Quad and TFL Area- 4 Minutes in total
IV. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Shoulder Press, Take 10 Minutes to buil up to Heavy Double
B. “Aftermath”(3 sets as fast as humanly possible):
Row 250 m
15 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24/20
Run 200 m
*Rest 2:00 minutes between sets*
*Stay consistent within your 3 sets, and work hard to stay within each time frame.*
Post Weights Used and Highest Deviation Period between 3 sets.