"Agility, Coordination, and Sprint"(7.20.2010)

I. Vagabond Paleo Challenge Coming Soon!!
Starting September 6th, 2010 we will be having a Paleo Challenge within Vagabond CrossFit. There will be a first place, second place, and third place finisher. Each Vagabond will receive some type of prize for their great effort in the Challenge. The cost of the challenge will be 15$, and the first place winner we will receive all the money for winning the Paleo Challenge. Also, there will be paleokits and paleokrunch handed out to other winners, and the big prize will be 3 months free membership within the gym. We will measure body fat, have a weigh in, and also keep detailed logs of what were eating and how clean we are eating. Also we have benchmarks within physical fitness. We will test certain areas of general physical prepardness and see the improvements down the road. The Paleo Challenge will be 3 months long and more details will be announced in the coming weeks.

II. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Lunge Complex
Hollow Rock x 30 seconds x 2 sets
Lunge and Twist
Handstand Hold x 30 seconds x 2 sets
Samson Stretch
Ring Hold x 30 seconds x 2 sets
Spiderman Lunge

III. Skill Development Warm-Up/Strength(Pistols):
One Legged Squats(3 sets of 5)(5 each leg)

*Scaling Options for One Legged Squats*
Advanced: Loaded Rack with Dumbbells
Intermediate: Full Range of Motion Pistols or down to a box below parallel
Beginners: Box Pistols or holding onto an object for balance

IV. Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Agility, Coordination, Sprint”
For Time of the following movements:
100 Obstacle Jumps
75 Squats
50 Hand Release Push-Ups
25 Dumbbell Swings
Run 800 m

*You may partition the reps as needed throughout the workout, except for the run. You must finish the workout with a 800 m run. You may complete 20 air squats, and then move onto another exercise to complete more reps in that realm. Objective is to complete all movements in a time as fast as humanly possible.*

*Obstacle Jumps are over an 18 inch target. A set of weights will be setup 18 inches high, and your objective is to jump over the obstacle. One Rep consists of jumping over the object one time*

*Hand Release Push-Ups are just what they say. You will perform a push-up, by bringing your chest and body to a complete stop at the bottom, and then release your hands for a moment at the bottom and then raise yourself up*

Post Time to Complete to Results.