April: Tricia Murphy


Month you were born in: 

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now: 
From Canton and live in Easton
What days/times you typically train at VBC:
I’m a 4:30 girl, but love the awesome moms of the 9AM and the Saturday partner workouts.
My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training 
Completing the 2015 opens
Some current training goals and/or personal goals are 
I want to increase weight for all my lifts (deadlift, squat, strict press, everything), gain muscle mass, learn OLY lifts and get faster.
What’s the best thing about Vagabond? 
Can I pick 10 favorite things?  
1. Absolutely the community first and foremost.  I love every single one of y’all. Thank you for making workouts fun.
2. The coaches are THE BEST.  Thank you for constantly helping me improve, even when you have to give me the same guidance over and over (eventually it clicks!).  I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement.  Please keep helping me improve!
3. The programming. Kevin is a master at keeping us challenged while keeping workouts interesting. I’ve done Lifestyle programming for two years, and can still work on adding more weight, doing more reps, and finishing with faster times.
4. The ladies.  All the ladies of Vagabond are my heroes, from the girls who have only been at it a few months to the super-strong Fitness women to the incredible Competition athletes to the phenomenal Regionals team (GO VAGABOND!!!!!)  Watching you all get in there and get after it is a huge inspiration.
5. The family atmosphere. Working out together has brought me and Lucas closer together, and we’ve become friends with a lot of great families at Vagabond.
6. Better nutrition and overall health.  Lucas and I learned a lot from the No-Grain Challenges, and eat a lot better now.
7. Confidence.  I’ve said, “I didn’t think I could do that” a lot at Vagabond.  Now I’m going for it.  If I work for it, I can do it.
8. Safety.  The coaches at Vagabond are VERY smart and conscientious about making sure we are learning and performing movements correctly.
9. Flexibility. We’re lucky to have so many daily classes, and to have babysitting (thank you ladies holding it down upstairs at the 9AM!).
10. The community, again.  I’m proud of all of the charity events that Vagabond supports, and that the members participate in (food drives, toy drives, Schools on Wheels, Mass Hospital School, MS, Jimmy Fund, etc).  Keep up the good work, everybody!