"Back on the Grind"(Sunday, June 3rd, 2012)

One Week off from doing any type of workouts, and now it will be back to game on starting on Monday, June 4th… I went through the Regionals, finished 42nd overall out of the top 60, and overall disappointed with my results, but also not surprised, since I did not put in the time that needs to be put into these type of competitions. It has been pretty much exactly one year since we moved into the new space in Easton, Massachusetts, and we have grown a whole lot not only as a gym, but also maturity in our programming and what we have to offer. I am working with one of the best minds in the game, and I am getting challenged every day by his critical thinking, and each day the gym is growing more and more as a REAL GYM!

We do not do gimmicks, and we do our own thing. We see results, and that is the bottom line. I work tirlessely trying to give my people the best training possible, and in time, we will keep growing as a gym.

I am interested to see what my coach will do over the next 9 months, and I will be keeping a countdown of how long it will be until the next year CrossFit Opens. I am going to work my ass off, and just concentrate fully on my training, no excuses, and that is it.

I will be following his programming, but I will also be implementing in one day of oly training a week as well.

Here we go!