"Ballin, Swingin, Burpin"(10.2.2010)

Janet and Ross Finishing Up Their Run!!

I. Vagabond Rugged Maniac Participants:
I want to wish all the Vagabonds Good Luck at the Rugged Maniac 5k Challenge on Saturday. Show your Vagabond Pride and Have a Great Time. The course is going to be extra muddy, as Tropical Storm Nicole has left her impact on the obstacle course. All Vagabonds participating in the Race must meet at the Vagabond Facility at 6:30 am. The drive will take over two hours to get to our destination, so be on time and ready to take off at 6:30 am.
II. How Do Insulin and Body Composition Match Up?:
Over 80 percent of your ability to achieve the desire body composition that YOU strive for is determined by your diet and what your food intake is. You have met countless people who work out for years, and kill themselves in the gym, and never see results!! When someone walks through the Vagabond doors, and they give me this complaint, I first ask them, What is their Nutrition like? Their first response is, “I eat pretty healthy”. Then I ask, what they eat? They respond with, ” Well I have alot of whole grains and mixed dairy products.” Well, sorry everyone, this is the wrong answer and the wrong way to go about your business to achieve that desired body composition you are looking for. Here is the truth about high carb diets and delicate insulin balance. When you abuse carbs, your cells become insulin resistant, which in turns increases body fat stores, and in turn becomes increasingly hard to burn this fat. This sets you up for serious conditions like Metabolic Syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. The regulation of insulin producing foods like high carbohydrate intake, can increase your chances to reach that desired body composition and overall be a healthier person.

III. Vagabond Gym Hours for Saturday, October 2nd, 2010:
Morning Class Times:
9:00 am
10:00 am

IV. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Spiderman Lunge
Samson Stretch
Air Squats
Lunge Complex
Jumping Jacks
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Power Skips

V. “Vagabond Saturday Sweat Fest”:
AMRAP 12 Minutes of:
“Balling, Swingin, Burpin”
8 Wall Balls @ 20/14
8 Kettlebell Swings or Dumbbell Swings @ 55/35
8 Burpees

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