"Bayside by the Wayside Review"(8.18.2011)

Kelly's Last Class at Vagabond CrossFit! Good Luck and you always be a Vagabond!

*Reminder Afternoon Classes are 4:30 pm, 6:30 pm, and 7:15 pmĀ on Thursdays*

I. Skill and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Max Box Jump Height, Build to a Max Height in a Vertical Box Jump Height.
*Compare to December 30th, 2010*
B. “Bayside by the Wayside Review”( Complete the following for time of):
10 Pull-Ups
1 Burpee
9 Pull-Ups
2 Burpees
8 Pull-Ups
3 Burpees

1 Pull-Up
10 Burpees
*Compare to January 15th, 2011*
*Level 1*
Strict Body Rows and Burpees
*Level 2*
Banded Pull-Ups and Burpees(Only Banded Pull-Ups if you more than 3 pull-ups in a row)
*Level 3*
As Rx
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups and Burpees

Samantha in a great pulling position in the finish position of the rowing movement!

II. What Phase of Training Are You In:
I came across yet another great system of analysis by James “OPT” Fitzgerald of where you place yourself amongst yourself in your phase of training. Where do you stand in your goals, aspirations, and level of training. These are three great ways to break down the system of training and where you stand as a human being of movement. Read them, check them, and see where you fall?
1. Function – learn about training strength, energy systems; balance your fitness, understand and create an awareness as to what works best for you, how to do the program, teach others starting out, create a balance b/t living and training; goal is to get to beinglevel over time; how much time?.. as long as is needed; when you do you change?…when you feel ready to take the next step:

Some things you should be comfortable with – slow lifts, working hard, consistent schedule; at this level, strength as a base and sound conditioning principles is key with variation and fun!
(an intro for all new folks to the program and a place to develop a great base)
2. Being – Upgrade your fitness; have a plan and a direction for the first time in “balanced fitness”; take the sets, reps, energy system training, etc…to a new level of understanding; spend time on the areas in which you need more work; figure out when to “smash it” or “tap out”…learn the gears and balance it for an fitness athlete development base – a sound one!; things you should be comfortable with; variation, gymnastics, variation in loads and speeds for all lifts, energy system base of knowledge; at this level, strength base is built; tweaking is needed and sound principles are in place to “fine tune” these towards events/phases…etc…goal if you sit here is to get to will level when you feel the step is necessary or remain here and develop yourself to the fullest
(a stable place to train and live and take your fitness to new levels)
3. Will – full time fitness athlete; priority is competing, then improving on that, then competing again; you have a large base of training which allows a life that leads into making fitness a full time gig for you, as a sport and more than a hobby; its for the fitness athlete; detailed phases of training; volume generally higher; skill work is base at higher loads, intensities; sound knowledge of your own engine is key; recovery is your 2nd full time job; your food is 100% always – at this level you should have advanced gymnastics skills; have participated in high level events in fitness/sport; have one event per year that is the big one for you, and smaller preparatory events throughout.
Post Height of Box Jumps and Time to Complete to Comments.