"Beat the Streets Fundraiser for Steve's Club National Program"

Beat the Streets Fundraiser in Camden, New Jersey on May 14th and May 15th, 2011

A. Steve’s Club National Program Address for Getting At Risk Youths off the streets and in the Gym:
Imagine a country where kids grow up valuing fitness and nutrition, where youth from disadvantaged backgrounds are given the opportunity to improve their health, fitness, and personal development.
Teens from tough neighborhoods and difficult family lives choose to be involved in fitness, sports, and other positive outlets instead of drugs, gangs, and violence. After school, they go to their local gym (CrossFit Affiliate) where they sweat alongside other members of their local community – firefighters, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, soccer moms, etc.
CrossFit offers a positive framework and community to help at-risk youth grow into stronger and healthier individuals- both physically and mentally. Working out and eating well become second nature, and they learn life lessons in a supportive environment – discovering what they’re capable of, pushing themselves to work hard and strive for something greater.
CrossFit changes lives, but these changes happen on the individual and local level. We hope to reach these kids by offering free or subsidized access to fitness in their own neighborhoods.
Personal health is a strong platform for future development; by giving them the right tools and encouragement, we can make a difference in the lives of individual kids and begin to create change on a larger scale. The future of America rests with our youth.
B. Vagabond CrossFit Goals for Beat the Streets:
Last year myself, Ross, and Bruce made the trek down to Camden, New Jersey to support my mentor and close friend, Steve Liberati, who is known for producing Paleo Kits and anything else that is Paleo for snacks and recovery meals. His Paleo Kit profit supports his National Program for inner city kids who are at risk and supporting them to get in the gym and be a positive atmosphere. This year the event will be taking place on Saturday and Sunday on May 14th and May 15th. My goal as a gym is to raise a $1000 for this event and help sponsor a youth in the New Jersey area. As a gym, we can without a doubt reach this goal and do a really good deed in return. So, I am asking you as a gym to help support a great cause and give back to the community. I will take all donations and give them to Steve. The check can be made out to Kevin O’Malley, where in turn I will give him a personal check from Vagabond CrossFit to show our support and dedication to his great program. Anything helps and any donation will go far in some kids life!
C. Traveling Down to New Jersey on May 14th and May 15th:
This year a few of us are already planning on going down to New Jersey for the fundraiser and giving Steve’s Club some much needed support in their efforts to clean up the streets and make our society better as a whole. I am asking anyone who is interested in taking a weekend trip down to New Jersey to be part of this fundraiser to let me know, so we know how many numbers we have. I would like to get a good amount of people and rent a van, so we could all go down together and make it a great weekend. Last year was amazing and had a great time! So, let’s get the ball rolling and make this happen!