"Boat Race with a Paddle"(8.21.2010)

Matt S. and Matt D. performing Hip Explosive Drills…

I. Open Gym Time for Saturday, August 21st, 2010:
9:00 am to Noon

II. Osteoporosis and Paleo are Connected to a Healthy Way of Life?
Can the Paleo Diet be a cure or a preventive benefit for osteoporosis? Well, I have one story of a woman who went to the doctors and they said she was in pre-osteoporosis stage, or the red zone. She feel upon the Paleo Diet and went gluten free. She went back to the doctors three months later, and they said she was clear from the red zone, and in the green zone, meaning she was pre-osteoporosis free. Some people ask, well on the Paleo Diet, you do not drink milk, so where do you get your calcium from? The first place to start is the intestines. This is where everything is deposited and where everything exits. It is pretty much the bank system of absorbing nutrients and minerals. The intestines play a vital role in what we absorb and what we do not. If we have an intact gut lining and a good steady volume of vitamin D, then we will have success in absorbing healthy minerals and nutrients. If we have a gut lining that is out of whack or irritated, then we have some problems. Well, folks, sorry to break it to you, but grains and dairy are the contributors to gut lining problems in the stomach. Gluten and Lectins, which are found in most grain products, break down the gut lining of our intestines and therefore we cannot absorb the nutrients and minerals that our sent to our stomach. Therefore, like they say, it goes in one way, and out the other. It it kind of like a Catch 22, they say to eat grains and dairy for rich vitamins and minerals, but then the opposite happens, when these things cause havoc in our stomach. It is actually proven that a high protein diet is very effective for absorbing all minerals and nutrients. So, this would count of the factor that the Paleo Diet is a limiting factor in enriched calcium deposits, because whatever calcium you get from vegetables, will be stored in the body from the high protein diet that you are eating with the Paleo Diet. In short terms, the Paleo Diet is beneficial for osteoporosis prevention because it naturally heals the gut lining, therefore you will absorb more of the good stuff. Also the hormonal state of your body will be better off as well. So, in short words, START DOING THE PALEO DIET!!!

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
High Knee to Lunge
PVC Dislocates
High Knee to Spiderman Lunge
Kipping Swings
Inch Worm to Push-Up
Arm Circles Forward and Backwards
Frog Stretch
Butt Walk-Ups

IV. Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:(“Boat Race with a Paddle”)
3 Rounds for time of:
Run 400 m
Dumbbell Swings x 21 @ 55/35
Row 500 m
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