Brie Q: December 2015

Brie T

Brie Q.

I was born in September 29, 1984.

I’m originally from Quincy, and recently moved to Easton in October.

By the time I get out of work and commute home from Boston, I typically arrive at VBC to train about 6:30-7, and close down the gym most nights. (A big thank you to Coach Andrew and Coach Jay for letting me stay past 8:30pm to finish up my workouts).
I look forward to 10am Saturday morning competition phase workouts because I get to workout with everyone after a long week of solo workouts.

My proudest accomplishment thus far would be my performance this past November at the Southie Showdown. I was hesistant to even sign up for this competition, let alone in the RX’d division, knowing how many elite athletes in the Northeast region that compete there every year. However, with the support and encouragement of Coach Kevin and many of the competition phase athletes at VBC, I signed up and trained hard!

One of the five workouts that weekend had a max set of bar muscle-ups in 90 sec, which terrified me, as I had never gotten one before. (I’m probably the least gymnastically inclined athlete at VBC, lol). However, I did a ton of progression work leading up to the competition, and got my first bar muscle-up the week of! During that particular workout at the Southie Showdown, I was able to get 6 muscle-ups, which was a complete surprise!

I ended up placing 32nd out of 60+ athletes in the RX’d division at the Southie Showdown and that was a great accomplishment for me in my first solo RX’d competition. Also, it was a great opportunity for me to discover many weaknesses that I need to consistently practice and drill in preparation for the Opens 2016 season.

A current training goal of mine would be to continue to practice progressions for strict handstand push-ups and muscle-ups. Personally, I have to train and practice many of the gymnastic movements, such as toes to bar and chest to bar pull ups, from week to week, as they are a big weakness of mine. When I don’t see immediate results, it is easy for me to get discouraged. However, Coach Andrew once told me, “Have patience, you must trust the process”, which I try to remember when I start feeling defeated, and tell myself to move onward and upward!

With the Opens 2016 season approaching, another training goal of mine would be to contribute to Team VBC making it back to the Northeast Regionals! LET’S GO!!!!!!!!

Let’s be honest, the best thing about Vagabond Crossfit, aside from the great programming and coaching staff, is the COMMUNITY. I am truly greatful and blessed for the amazing friends and relationships I have made since stepping into VBC in August of 2014.
Also, I love being held accountable if I’m not getting in to train as consistently as I should be. I’ll undoubtedly have a text from Coach Kevin asking when I’ll be in to train next. He makes each and every athlete at Vagabond Crossfit a priority of his, from Lifestyle to Fitness to Competition phase, and that’s what makes all the difference! Seeing how far I’ve progressed as an athlete in the short time I’ve been a member at VBC, I am truly humbled to be January’s Vagabond of the Month, and am excited for what this new year will bring!