"Canadian Crippler"(6.24.2011)

Mobilization is very important to our programming at Vagabond CrossFit! Are you mobilizing at home? or are you following the Mobility WOD Page by Kelly S?

I. Testimonial from People outside the Community:
I came to Crossfit by consequence and not intent. My sport of choice
is Tae Kwon Do and I belong to a very small, albeit, very close family
who’s pyramid is topped by one of the US Olympic Tae Kwon Do coaches.
For 12 years everything I did inside our outside my dojang was done
with the intent of improving my performance on the mat.
I only came to CF because of work. During out most recent economic
collapse I was forced to take work that prevented me from training in
TKD. A close friend and CF coach, Coach Aimee Banis from CrossFit KOP
in Bridgeport PA got me hooked on the CF drug.
My situation eventually led to a both short and long term travel. It
was after training in CF for a little past a year that I found myself
in Massachusetts and needing a coach. There were a bunch of CroasFits
in the area and I finally settled on Vagabond after a few phone
conversation with Coach O’Malley.
It wasn’t a mistake.
I had a incredible coach in LI, Coach Chris Isernio from Crossfit
Central LI. His box and his community to this day remain close
friends. He gave me all the essentials but Coach O’Malley really put
me on another level. It was under his guidance that I got my first
Muscle Up, was introduced to Kelley Starlett’s Mobility WOD and
escalated my strength training.
I have since been able to visit and train in a number of other CF gyms
and have had great success and horrible disappointments in my travel.
What I love most and miss most about Vagabond is Coach O’Malley’s
personal attention to each of his clients. He almost intuitively
understand their needs and goals and more importantly knows how to get
them there.
His programming is bar-none paying close attention not just to the
metcon masochism we all love, but focusing the strength and mobility
development with a technical eye I’ve only seen in a few gyms I’ve
been too.
My point is, if you are in the area and are looking for a competent
coach and a strong community to either start your CF experience or
give if a kick start, you cant go wrong with Coach O’Malley and
Crossfit Vagabond.
Keep it real,
Mike Newman
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
II. Myofascia Release- First 7 Minutes of class:
Foam Roll Quads and ITB Band- This will be needed due to amount of front squatting that we did!
III. Dynamic and Gymnastics WOD Prep:
4 Rounds of:
5 Bridge Ups
5 SKin the Cats
10 PVC Dislocates
IV. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Canadian Crippler”(AMRAP 15 Minutes of:)
6 Sumo Dead High Pulls @ 95/65
12 Push Press @ 95/65
Run 200 m
Level 1*
Weight @ 65/45
*Level 2*
Weight @ 75/55
*Level 3*
Weight @ 95/65
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