"Clean Progressions and Front Squat"(9.27.2010)

White Mountains in New Hampshire

I. Schedule Is Back to Normal:
The Vagabond CrossFit Schedule is back to normal starting on Monday, September 27th, 2010. I am sorry for inconvenience that this has caused over the last two days. Life sometimes gets in the way and you realize the importance of friendship. Once again, thank you for your patience and get ready to hit it hard over the next week.

II. Vagabond CrossFit Clinics Review:
Over the last two weeks, we have had two special clinics surrounding pull-ups and olympic lifts. I have gotten great feedback from both clinics and want to continue this trend. I am asking for your advice and opinion on future clinics. What type of skills or clinics would you like to see in the future at Vagabond CrossFit? Please leave suggestions to comments. Remember, Vagabond CrossFit is about the people and you guys are the ones who keep it going. So, please make suggestions to comments on future clinics that you would like to see over the coming months.

III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Monostructural Warm-Up x 4:00 minutes
Shoulder Extensions(Arm Bar Hold)
Lunge Complex
Shoulder Extensions(Band Hangs)
Cobra Complex
Hip Flexion/Extension
Coach B Drills(25:15 x 5 sets)

IV. Skill Transfer Exercises(Coach B Warm-Ups):
Up and Down
Elbows High and Outside
Muscle Clean
Clean Land
Clean Drop

V. Strength and Clean Progressions Workout of the Day:
A. Clean Complex, Power Clean Progressions
1 set @ 70%- High Hang, Mid Thigh, Deck
2 sets @ 75%- High Hang, Mid Thigh, Deck
1 set @ 65%- High Hang, Mid Thigh, Deck
*Get 1 Rep Power Clean Max from April 16th, 2010 and April 23rd, 2010
B. Front Squat, 5 sets of 3 reps, Go For a new 3 Rep Max
*Compare to January 22nd, 2010, February 13th, 2010, February 20th, 2010, March 13th, 2010, and July 7th, 2010
Post Weights Used to Comments.