"Coach Rut's DB Complex"(2.25.2011)

Dan aka Tugboat has been with us for little less than 3 months. He is down 40 lbs and improving each day. He has chosen to take on the 30 Day Paleo Challenge and is seeing some good results!! Keep it up Tug!

I. Vagabond Testimonials from Outside Visitors:
Hi Kevin,
Thank you very much for letting me visit last night’s class. I really like the program and how you divide the hour into different sections, such as the mobility, agility, wod and rolling at the end. I will definitely call you when we move to the south shore. It is great to know that I will be going to a crossfit gym that is knowlegeable and dedicated. Thank you again, I am looking forward to joining!
II. Vagabond Help Wanted:
A crew of Vagabonds will be painting this weekend and doing some odd jobs at the new location in Easton, Massachusetts. Brucey and Matt will be running the daily activities and have the plan for the painting jobs. Brucey and Matt will be coming to the 9 am class for a workout, so I encourage you come in get a workout in and meet everyone at Vagabond CrossFit in Brockton. If you cannot make the workout, then meet at Vagabond CrossFit at 10:00 am to head over to Easton with everyone. Here are the contact numbers for Bruce and Matt.
Address of Easton Location:
15 Hampden Drive, Easton, Massachusetts, 02374
III. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Monostructural Warm-Up x 3:00 Minutes(Jump Rope, Row, or Bike)
Squat Opener Series Against Wall(These are the Back Squats)
Samson Stretch(7 each side)
Spiderman Lunge(Hold each for 1 Minute- Tell people to mobilize and move in different areas)
Shoulder Band Hangs(These are for the Thrusters and Power Cleans)
IV. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Back Squat, 1-1-1-1-1
*Compare to June 23rd, 2010.*
B. Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Coach Rut’s Dumbbell Bear”
On the Minute for Every Minute for 20 Minutes of:
5 DB Deadlifts
5 DB Hang Power Cleans
5 DB Thrusters
Level 1: 35/25
Level 2: 40/30
Level 3: 50/35
V. Competitors Schedule Workouts of the Day:
A. Back Squat(5/3/1)
75% x 5 reps
85% x 3 reps
95% a 1 or more reps
B. Monostructural Workout of the Day:
25 Minutes of Easy, Light Run
Post Weights Used and Total Rounds Completed to Comments.