CrossFit Opens: Reflections on WOD 12.2

I wanted to congratulate everyone who completed the CrossFit Opens workout this past Saturday. It was a very different challenge from the Burpee workout from 2 weeks ago.

I was amazed to see how well some of the newer Vagabond members did and it felt good to see some people from the Olympic Lifting Class put up some impressive numbers!

For me, this workout taught me that 165 pounds is a weight that I am perfectly capable of snatching but it’s also a weight that is heavy enough for me, that I can’t get away with sloppy form. In my head, I know what I need to do but how can I get my body to do the movement over and over without thinking about it? That’s why we practice these lifts week in and week out folks. It takes hours and hours of rep after rep to develop a decent skill level. That’s why competitive Bulgarian weightlifters perform Snatches, Clean and Jerks and Front Squats every day, sometimes several times a day. It’s a mind-numbingly boring routine but that’s why they’re the best in the world