"CrossFit Opens Workout 12.3"(3.10.2012)

John Thomas has had two strong performances in his first two workouts, and let's see if he can crack the top 60 this week and be in the running for Regionals! Get it JT!

*CrossFit Opens Workout 12.3 at Vagabond CrossFit*

We will be running the third edition of the CrossFit Opens at Vagabond on Saturday, March 10th @ 9:00 am. We will be doing the same setup as the last two weeks, where we will be running heats and schedule for each workout. I strongly encourage everyone to participate and take part in the remainder of the competition. The results for the scaled division for the Vagabond Competition will be announced after the third workout, and as of right now, everyone is still in the running for being crowned the fittest scaled man and woman. Make sure you are at Vagabond by 8:45 am, to get your heat assignments and schedule. We will be running this smoothly and organized, so everyone can get a shot at the workout, and that we are fast and efficient with moving the workout along quickly. Most importantly everyone needs a little encouragement during the workout, so come and support your fellow Vagabonds! We will run the same schedule where everyone will judge someone during the workout.

We will go over rules, standards, and movements at 8:45 am, and will start the first workout at 9:05 am! Be on time and ready to go. If your  name is not on the heat list, do not worry we can add you to the heat schedule on the same day!

CrossFit Opens 12.3 Workout of the Day

RX Division:
AMRAP 18 Minutes of:
15 Box Jumps @ 24/20
12 Push Press @ 115/75
9 Toes to Bar
Scaled Division:
AMRAP 18 Minutes of:
15 Box Jumps @ 24/20
12 Push Press @ 85/55
9 Knees to Elbows(Men)/Knee Raises(Women)
Heat 1:
Nicole Ramirez
Marcia Cullinane
Kate Welch
Dave Hobaica
Michael Fernando
Lacy Chapman
Renee Johnson
Jennifer Sullivan
Danielle Peterson
Shawn Kelly
Kyle Buresh
Heat 2:
Melissa O’Brien
Jenna Ford
Chrystin Paradis
Kelley Moylan
Susan Antonucci
Julie O’Malley
Pam Brooks
Kelsey Brooks
Jac Pac
Melissa Gray
Heat 3:
Chris Melendez
Caleb Cornock
Scott Shotzy
Dave Clark I
Dave Clark II
Matt Donahue
Chris Bradley
Neal Noonan
Heat 4:
Angel Otero
Al Tripolone
Dave Leite
Jay Lounge
John Thomas
Craig Pasq
Mike Dillon