"CrossFit Tester Part 1"(1.21.2012)

Craig pondering for a second... What is he thinking?

*Vagabond Yoga Class has returned to the gym, and will be this Saturday, January 21st @ 10:00 am. Come get supple Vagabonds!*

*We will be running our regular group class on Saturday, January 21st @ 9:00 am. Come in and get your workout in, and forget about those few inches of snow! We are in New England, this is what we are used to!*

Meliisa loves her some Jerks!

On Ramp
The Feb. 6th on ramp course is on course and we have a few slots open. This course will run at 10 am  or 730 pm every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  The first step to register for this is to call and set up a 30 minute assessment.  This assessment will help us get to know you and choose the best path for your journey to begin.  Don’t miss out on the best fitness program around, call or email us today to get signed up!

I. Dynamic and Mobility Specific Prep Warm-Up:

Coaches Option x 7 to 10 Minutes
Shoulder Prep Mobility
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness/Competition Phase:
AMRAP 20 Minutes of the following:
20 Push Press @ moderate weight
20 Anchored Sit-Ups
20 Burpees

*Scaling will be appropriate for all levels…. You know how we do at Vagabond CrossFit, by making anything manageable for any Fitness Level… Our Saturday Classes now are CrossFit Test Workouts, and will be in this domain. We will test this workouts, and in time will re-test this workouts, to gather data and analyze that data in time for future reference points.*

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