"CrossFit Tester Part 6"(2.16.2012)

Over the last year Matt has made huge strides in his Fitness. He is gearing up for the Opens, and ready to make a run! Great Job Matt over the last year with your Hard Work!

A. The CrossFit Opens Registration- Less than 5 Day less to register, so get on the registration sign up and represent Vagabond CrossFit, we need your support!

The CrossFit Season is upon us, and we want all Vagabond Members to sign up for this 5 week long competition that will be held within Vagabond Strength and Conditioning. Do it to see how you stack up against others from around the world, and also to help represent Vagabond as a gym. The more people we can get to sign up from the gym, the more we can get the Vagabond Name out there. Together we can go in as ONE UNIT, and no matter come out as winners. Also, we have created a team link, so sign up, register, create a profile, and then look for the Team Name, CrossFit Vagabond to add yourself to the Vagabond Team.*

*Click Here to Register for the CrossFit Opens and represent Vagabond CrossFit. Make sure you sign up for our affiliate team as CROSSFIT VAGABOND.*

B. Vagabond CrossFit Kids in March

Hey all Vagabond Parents,

We will be starting our CrossFit Kids Program on Wednesday, March 7th. The time of the class will be at 3:45 pm, and will run to 4:30 pm. This section of Vagabond will be run by Coach Heather Dunlap, and will be a great class for ages between¬†7 and 13 years old. The class will be run like our adult classes, but with a little added fun, and a good mix of fun time, but also teaching the basic movements, that will allow you children to become active, and build towards becoming future athletes. Take advantage of this program, and get your children in a positive setting at a young age. Coach Heather has worked with all age children for over 20 plus years, so your children will be in good hands. Contact Heather with any questions at her email address. ¬†[email protected]

Also visit the new Vagabond Kids Program Website with information and any questions that you have.


Martha going for some Jump Roping Skills...

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
5 minutes of movement prep work
2 rounds of
Wall angels x 10
trap 3 raise x 8/side
Air Squats x 10
1 Way Shoulder Stretch
Review Handstand Holds
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase: Level 1 and Level 2
A. Handstand Holds x 30 seconds x 30 seconds rest x 4 sets
B. AMRAP 20 Minutes of:
5 Sumo Dead High Pulls @ 95/65, 75/45
10 Wall Balls @ 20/14, 16/10
15 Anchored Sit-Ups
B. Competition Phase:
Mobility x 60 Minutes- This is Mandatory, Come in and work your mobility.
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