David Clark: January 2013

Where you are originally from and/or where  you live now:

 I lived in Stoughton, my whole life

 Month you were born in:


 What days/times you typically train at  VBC:

 Lately I have been going to the 530 class and it’s something that I look forward to after a long day at work.

 In addition to being a CrossFitter, I am…

 In the spring and Summer I love to play golf and try to get out twice a week.  I’m also a beach bum and a whenever I get time off from work in the summer that is where you will find me.  Twice a year I take a few weeks off and head to Florida for a couple weeks at a time to just get away and visit family and friends.

 My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training so far is/are…

This past month Walter and I decided to see if we could make it to Vagabond every day for 31 days.  Doing this with someone I train with every day made it that much easier.  During this time we have pushed each other not only to get into the gym but also in every workout that we did.  Yes, it has become somewhat of a friendly competition between the two of us and I’m sure that we will keep on coming in as long as our bodies allow us. During this time I have also started leangains, thanks to Artika and Andrew.  So far I have lost 6lbs, but most importantly I am eating clean and I have been keeping a daily food journal to hold myself accountable of what I put in my body on a daily basis.

 Some current training goals and/or personal goats are…

 Where do I start, lately after not being able to do pistols during a workout, I’ve been putting extra time in to get better at those.   I’m also waiting for my first muscle up and have been practicing double unders as much as I can.

 What’s the best thing about Vagabond?

We all know that there are so many gyms like Vagabond popping up around us every day and some may even be cheaper and closer to where you live.  Yes, at any of these places including Vagabond you are going to get your ass kicked on a daily bases.  The differences between those places and Vagabond are the trainers and the people that end up staying with Vagabond and become part of the family.  Kevin and the rest of the trainers push us to new limits every day.  They take pride in our gains and also will help us off the floor when we just can’t seem to get something right and want to quit.  The trainers it there all day in and day out, which to me is amazing because a high percentage of people who come to Vagabond are not true athletes and may never be.  They make our lives better one day at a time as long as you stay consistent and do the right things inside and outside of the gym.  I have only been at Vagabond for a year and it didn’t take long for me to really get to know some great individuals.  The family atmosphere is like no other.  For those who stay and tough it out and strive to do better every day, we know that there will be a great group of people cheering you on and helping you get through those moments when you think you have nothing left.  I am proud to be a member of Vagabond and very glad that I decided to walk though those doors one year ago!