"DB Fran"(1.6.2011)

Skill Sets of Ring Holds!

I. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Frog Stretch(Adductors)
Cobra Stretch(Back Bits)
Iron Cross Stretch(Back Bits)
Lunge Complex(Hip Flexors and Hamstrings)
Thor. Extension(Shoulder Mobility)
Shoulder Mobility Prep
Squat Openers Circuit
II. CrossFit is Constantly Varied, Correct?
As you can see we are doing a version of Fran, I like to call Dumbbell Fran. Fran is a classic workout in CrossFit and one of the first questions you will receive from another CrossFitter, What is your Fran Time? Fran is an excellent example an aneraboic workout and will always be a staple Girl workout in CrossFit. The original Fran is done with a barbell, but feel it is necessary to try different movements in a staple workout. CrossFit is a constantly varied program that calls for different realms of movements performed at high intensity. So, why not switch it up a little bit and try something different. You should always try a different protocol for your fitness and see where it takes you. The workout will be indeed different with dumbbells and will give you good test on how to compare to the Barbell Fran. You might get a faster time, or in case might get a slower time with dumbbells. It could be a good indicator of where you weaknesses are with dumbbells or barbells. Trying different things does not hurt, but will only better prepare you for the future in your goal of reaching your fitness goals!
III. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A1. Back Squat(Lower Body), 5-5-5
*Compare to June 11th, 2010*
A2. Back Extensions, 10-10-10
*Rotate between the two exercises above.*
B.”DB Fran”(21-15-9 reps of):
DB Thruster
*Phase 1*
DB Thrusters @ 30 lbs/15 lbs
Ring Rows
*Phase 2*
DB Thrusters @ 35 lbs/20 lbs
Banded Pull-Ups
*Phase 3*
DB Thrusters @ 40 lbs/25 lbs
*Phase 4*
DB Thrusters @ 50 lbs/30 lbs
Chest 2 Bar Pull-Ups
IV. Competitors Schedule Workouts of the Day:
A. “DB Fran”
Post Weights and Time to Complete to Comments.