"Dead Leg"(6.27.2011)

John and Heather this weekend at the Warrior Dash! Did you sign up for Heather's Basic Gymnastics Class on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 at 5:30 pm?

I. Dynamic Movement Prep:
*Zone 2-Effort Percentage @ 75%*
3 Rounds of the following movements:
Row 150 m
Squats x 15 reps
PVC Dislocates x 10 reps
Run 100 m
*Look at the new scaling method for Zone Percentages. We will have 5 zones for our warm-ups, dynamic prep, and conditioning workouts. The zones will range from Zone 1 to Zone 5, and each Zone will a specific percentage for the effort you will put into that certain part of the workout. Each Zone will be used this week, so you get a better understanding of the pattern. This is meant to control your way of working out, and be able to understand how to maintain your body during a workout or even a warm-up.*
II. Mobilization Prep Warm-Up:
1. Lacrosee Ball Work- Sitting on box, take lacrosse ball and put into hamstring- Fascia Release
2. 3 Way Shoulder Stretch- Overhead Prep
3. Hamstring Box Stretch- Straight Leg on top of box and stretch hamstring-Deadlift Prep
III. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Strength Workout of the Day: Push Press, 5 sets of 2, climbing sets
*Compare to April 27th, 2011 and June 13th,2011*
B. 5 sets of 5-7 reps of Deadhang Pull-Ups or Negatives
C.“Northeast Regionals Workout”(21-15-9):
Deadlift @ 275/185
Box Jumps @ 30/24
*Level 1*
Deadlift @ 135/95 and 24/20
*Level 2*
Deadlift @ 225/135 and 30/24
*Level 3*
Deadlift @ 275/185 and 30/24
Post Weights Used and Time to Complete to Comments.