"Death by 10 Meters"(11.3.2011)

Alex increasing the Range of Motion with his Handstand Push-Ups!

*Vagabond CrossFit Schedule for Saturday, November 5th, 2011: 9:00 am Class Time(Team Workout) and No Yoga Class this Week.*

*On Saturday, November 5th, 2011 @ 9:00 am, Vagabond CrossFit will be putting on one of our Traditional Team Workouts. Coach John Dunlap has come up with a good one, and it should be very fun. So, if you have time on Saturday, come on in, and participate in the team workout. These are always a success and people always have a great time working alongside their fellow Vagabonds!* 

I. Vagabond CrossFit Potluck Dinner and Get Together:
Hey Vagabonds,
We are almost half way through the Vagabond CrossFit No Grain Challenge, and the Facebook Group Page is still buzzing with some great recipes and some very useful information. However, some of the people have begun to hit a lull and beginning to feel the effects of cravings and wanting to get some cheat meals in. Through some guidance and some quick thinking by some of the ladies, we have decided to have a get together on Sunday, November 13th, 2011 @ 3:00 pm at Vagabond CrossFit. It will be a Paleo Friendly Meal Time and a great together for all Vagabonds who want to come and enjoy some great food and stay strong for the last week of the No Grain Challenge. This is a family get together, so bring your kids, loved ones, or signficant other to come enjoy some Vagabond Company! Please, let us know if you will be attending, and let us know what you will be bringing. I also know the Patriots Game is on at 4:15 pm, so the game will be on upstairs in the lounge area for all you diehard Patriots Fans!
Sunday, November 13th, 2011 @ 3:00 pm: Vagabond CrossFit Potluck Get Together!

Group Warm-Up is an essential part at Vagabond CrossFit and we take it very seriously! Proper Warm-Up prepares you for the workout ahead, but also reduces the chance of injury substantially!

II. Dynamic Specific:
Coaches Option x 7 to 10 Minutes
*Zone 2 Work @ 80% and moving constantly during the warm-up*
III. Dynamic Mobility:
Calf Stretch x 90 seconds each calf
Super Spiderman Band Stretch x 90 seconds each leg
IV. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
A. “Death by 10 Meters”
*Compare to July 2nd, 2011*
*Set up Two Cones that are 10 meters apart. This will be performed as a shuttle run, where you will run 10 meters on the first minute, 20 meters on the second minute, and so on, until you can no longer complete the prescribed amount of meters within that minute prescribed.*
Post Number of Meters Completed to Comments.