"Descending Sets"(9.26.2011)

Coach John crushing the Garage Games Event 1 with a sub 11 minute time... I think it is time we as Vagabond CrossFit start showcasing our talents at some local competitions! Garage Games at CrossFit Southie in November? All Levels are welcomed and I think we as a gym can represent the Northeast pretty well!

I. Vagabond CrossFit will we start stepping up and now moving forward in some local competitions?:
Hey Vagabond CrossFit Members,
This past weekend there was a huge competition held at CrossFit New England in Natick called the Garage Games Events. It was a local competition for all Northeast affiliates in the individual aspect of competition. I have not pushed people that much in doing some local competitions, but I think now is the time, we start stepping up our game, and start entering some local competitions in the area. The great thing about this competitions are, they are all scaleable, and adhere to everyone’s physical capabilities. Just like we have at Vagabond CrossFit with the Level 1, Level 2, and Advanced, they follow the same suit at local competitions. The next big competition is in November at CrossFit Southie, which is the third and final part of the Garage Games Events. There is registration fee, and people do complain about paying for this events, but in turn you get a great experience, and a great weekend. You would spend a $80 to $ 100 on going out and drinking, why not spend it on a great weekend that will in turn grasp your competitive spirit, but also get a great chance of hanging with your fellow Vagabonds! I am not someone who likes to push these competitions on people, but I see some really great athletes in our gym, and I think it is time to showcase our abilities as a gym and a community. It is great to go out there and train for something, and why not represent Vagabond CrossFit at the same time! Let’s give this a go, and get into the competitive spirit. If you are interested in competing in November at CrossFit Southie, no matter what your LEVEL or Physical Ability, please come talk to me directly, and we will start setting up a plan of action and some team meetings.
Your Coach and Friend,

II. Dynamic Prep:
Lunge Complex
Squat Raisers
High Knees
Butt Kicks
Toes Touches
Frog Walks
III. Dynamic Mobility Prep:
Ankle, Heel Cord, and Achilles Work- 10 Minutes
IV. Conditioning Workout:
A. “Descending Sets”(For Time of the following):
500 m Row-400m Row-300 m Row-200 m Row- 100 m Row
25 Push-Ups-20 Push-Ups-15 Push-Ups-10 Push-Ups-5 Push-Ups
25 KBS-20 KBS-15 KBS-10 KBS-5 KBS
*Alternate between the movements, moving from rowing machine to push ups to kettlebell swings.*
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