"Double G"(6.2.2011)

Susan being patient and waiting to hit that pocket area in the second pull!

I. Vagabond Team Hiking Trip:
Hey Guys,
Marcia and myself are trying to put together a team hiking trip during the last weekend of July. We want to try something different and see the interest we can receive from this great getaway trip. There are two options that we can do, but both will require everyone to sleep overnight and go camping. I think this could be a great event for Vagabond CrossFit. I am going to put a sign up sheet on the front board in the gym, and just sign your name if you are interested. Here are the details below, sound great too me!
Hike Mt. Washington
Vagabond Team Building
The highest peak. The worst weather. The fastest wind speed. Mount Washington is often described in such superlative terms. On a clear day, the 6,288 foot summit will give you a view that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the east, across Vermont to New York’s Adirondack Mountains in the west, to Canada in the north, and to Massachusetts in the south. Let’s put our strength and endurance to the test and hike to the summit of Mt. Washington. (Along with checking another item off of some bucket lists!!)
This would be a weekend event. Leaving Saturday morning July 30th around 7am and retuning home sometime in the afternoon on Sunday, July 31st . There are two hut sights for hikers located on the mountain that we could camp at – but reservations need to be made soon and we also need to decide on which trail we are taking up the mountain. Details can be figured out later just want to get a head count soon so we can make reservations!
I’ve looked into a number of trails up. The most popular is Tuckerman’s Ravine. Total distance from Pinkham Notch to the summit via this trail is 4.2 miles, with 4,250 feet of elevation gained. And about a 7-9hr round trip hike for 1st time hikers. There is a stopping point 2 ½ miles up called the the Hermit Lake Shelters, approximately a two-hour hike from Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. This is a good place to camp and conquer the summit and the hike down in the morning. It is advised that you be in excellent shape to hike this trail!!
Another other option for hiking is The Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail. The trail is challenging crossing over several brooks, but not as challenging as Tuckerman’s Ravine. The trees become scrubby, and the trail climbs up a series of rock slabs that are slippery when wet. The trail finally breaks out above treeline a couple hundred yards before ending at the AMC Lakes of the Clouds Hut at 3.0 miles about a 3-4 hour hike from the starting point. This is a good place to rest and camp for the summit hike and trek down the mountain the following day.
II. Dynamic Pre-Warm-Up(5 to 7 Minutes before class):
3 Rounds:
Row x 30 seconds
12 Push-Ups
12 Squats
12 Sit-Ups
Jumping Jacks x 15 seconds
III. Mobilization Piece:
1. TFL Roller Prep
2. Samson Stretch
3. 5 Way Shoulder Stretch
IV. Class Warm-Up:
:”Vagabond Warm-Up”
IV. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
“Double G”:
AMRAP 20 Minutes of:
AMRAP Shoulder Press @ 75/55
Run 400 m
Post Number of Shoulder Press for each Round and How Many Rounds you completed in the 25 Minute period.