"Easton Location One Week Away"(3.27.2011)

The New Location in Easton is One Week Away- The doors will be opening on Monday, April 4th, 2011- Check Schedule for Class Times and Location of New Facility!

I. CrossFit Will be Taking Over the Town of Easton:
We are exacly 8 days away from taking over the town of Easton. The New Location will be opening on Monday, April 4th, 2011 to start running classes out of the new spot in Easton. Please check schedule for class times and also the location and directions to the gym. The new spot is going to be great and see some nice things happening in the future as we settle in. Please, tell family members, friends, or anyone you see on the street to stop in and see what we are all about. I am truly excited about this new adventure that Vagabond CrossFit will taking on. We have great programming, and now we have the facility to accomodate our needs as a CrossFit Gym!
II. Vagabond CrossFit Help Date for New Location:
Starting on Monday, March 28th, we will be moving equipment into the new location. Vagabond CrossFit will be asking anyone with a truck to help move the equipment out of the location in Brockton and bring over the new gym in Easton. Any day during the week that you can help move stuff would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who has a truck, would also be a big help in aiding in the move to the new location. Just tell Kevin what day and date you can come, and he would be very grateful!
III. Vagabond CrossFit Grand Opening:
Please, mark on your calendar, Saturday, April 30th, 2011 as an important date to support Vagabond CrossFit. This will be our Grand Opening and will be asking everyone to please attend to kick of the Spring with a great event. Please, tell your family members, friends, or anyone to come attend and participate in the day’s event. The Grand Opening will start at 10:00 am and will end at 1:00 pm! VitaCoco and Steve’s Original will supply us with some Paleo Kits and Coconut Water as well, and our very own, Joe Simonson, will be cooking some Paleo Friendly Food as well.
IV. Class Times for Sunday, March 27th, 2011:
10:00 am Class Time- Come in and Get a Workout in!
V. Conditioning Workout of the Day:
Rest Day
If you need the rest day, take it. Development occurs outside the gym when we allow the body to recover from the positive stress we’ve imposed on it. Not allowing it to properly recover from harsh intensity can spell impending doom on further progression. It also does the brain good as sometimes we become unmotivated not because we get bored but because we’ve not recovered enough more often than not and it has caught up.
If this isn’t the case and you’ve missed some days, get your a** in here and kill some weaknesses and make-up a workout.
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