Erin Stuart: May 2013

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:

I’m originally from Upstate New York and currently live in Easton.
Month you were born in:
What days/times you typically train at  VBC:
I try to be there Mon-Sat and run on Sundays
Anything else interesting/unique about you that you’d like to share:
I’m planning on doing the burpee mile in September….any takers??
In addition to being a CrossFitter, I am…
A teacher, lululemon addict, paleo eater and non-paleo baker
My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training so far is/are…
Making it through 13.1 without dying is probably one of the highlights of my Vagabond career so far.  I thought there was no way I would make it through the snatches since 45 lbs was a lot for me but I managed and realized sometimes I am stronger than I think.
Some current training goals and/or personal goats are…
To do a pullup without “a little kip”, earn my way back into the fitness phase and to just keep getting stronger in general.  I have come a long way from the girl who could barely hang on the bar but I still have a long way to go to get to the yearlong goal – Opens 2014…RX!!
What’s the best thing about Vagabond?
Aside from the obvious answer to this – the airdyne – I would say hands down the best thing about Vagabond is the people.  The coaches and fellow Vagabonds have made me love working out not just for the results, but for the sense of community within the gym.  I look forward to going every day, even if I know the workout is going to be super tough so I can join in the misery with my fellow Vagabonds.  There’s nothing like trying to get that last rep and having people cheering you on so you don’t quit.  This sense of community is something that I have never experienced at a gym before and I feel very lucky to have walked in the door 8 months ago.   The coaches push everyone with their own brand of encouragement…which may include insults, but it is clear they want the best for everyone in the gym.  I have never been the most confident person in the gym and my Vagabond experience has really taught me to believe in myself more than I ever have.   I credit the Vagabond community for making me into not only a fitter person on the outside but a better person on the inside.  Thanks Vagabonds!