"Final Destination"(2.24.2012)


A. CrossFit Opens Workout 1 Review

The Saturday Morning Class will be based off the First CrossFit Opens Workout that was posted on the Games Site. We will be starting off the first heat at 9:00 am, and we will run heats every 10 minutes, so we will be done with everything in a pretty short amount of time. Please allow yourself to get warm up, and also be on time to hear instructions on how the workout will be run, and how it will be performed. This is a great opportunity for everyone to take part in a small atmosphere of competition, and give everyone a chance to hit a simple, great workout. So, get ready for Saturday to hit this workout, and be ready at 9:00 am.

B. CrossFit Opens Registration is still on

If you have not signed up yet for the CrossFit Opens, and still want to take part in the worldwide online competition, you still have time to do so. Do no worry about how you will do, and just go into thinking you want to have some fun, and have something to train for, which in turn, will push you to limits that you never thought you would be pushed in. We will be running a mini competition for all those who will be taking part in the scaled division, and some cool prizes will be handed out to the top male and top female scaled division winners. So sign up and represent Vagabond. When you sign up, go back to your profile and choose CROSSFIT VAGABOND as your affiliate team, so you can be placed on our team, and ready to go.


C. Next Vagabond On Ramp Session

The Vagabond Beginners Session will take place on Monday, March 12th @ either 1030 am or 730 pm. This is a 6 session class that lasts for two weeks on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please contact us for more information as spots are limited and will fill up quickly. Contact us [email protected] or call us at 508 930 8734 to reserve your spot today.

Danielle with nice form on the Ring Row..

I. Dynamic and Mobility Prep Warm-Up:
5 minutes of movement prep work
3 rounds of
db ext. rot. x 5/side
wall squats x 5
lat. glute act. w/ bands
deadlift practice
II. Lifestyle Phases Strength and Conditioning:
A. Fitness Phase: Level 1 and Level 2
A. Deadlift, work to a heavy set of 3(10 Minute Time Limit), Compare to December 14th, 2011
B. Complete the following for as many rounds as possible:
5 Minute AMRAP of:
3 Deadlifts @ 50% of above weight
12 Lunge Steps
Rest 2:00 Minutes
5 Minute AMRAP of:
3 DB Push Press @ medium weight
12 Box Jumps @ 20/16
Rest 2:00 Minutes
5 Minute AMRAP of:
Suicide Sprint/Farmer’s Carry
20 Meters of Sprints
20 Meters of Farmers Carry(55 lbs/35 lbs)
B. Competition Phase:
*This will also be for all Fitness Phase people who are doing the CrossFit Opens Workout 1 this Saturday, February 25th.*
Complete the following @ 65% to 75% Effort: Focus on Recovery and Pacing
AMRAP Row Meters in 60 seconds x 3 sets @ 75%, rest 2:00 minutes between sets
Rest 5:00 Minutes
AMRAP Airdyne in 30 seconds x 5 sets @ 75%, rest 2:00 minutes between sets
Rest 5:00 Minutes
Run 200 m @ 75% x 5 sets, rest 2:00 minutes between sets
Rest 5:00 Minutes
Mobility x 15 Minutes
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