Friday, July 27th, 2012 Workout

I had to cut todays workout a little short, since I was getting ready to run a 24 hour relay race with Team Vagabond. I am kind of excited to hang with some Vagabonds, and try a new challenge, since I have not been preparing for this at all, but just wanted to do somethng different and see how I go. I was kind of disappointed with not getting all my work in, but considering I had a lot to do before I left for the weekend, I was happy to get in the first portions, however my legs are not going to happy when I start running multiple 5k’s around a lake.

I hit some heavy back squat today, and overall happy with the number, as I know I could have gone heavier, but I just wanted to work to a heavy single, which I have not done in some time. I hit the number pretty easily, and possibly had another 30 to 35 lbs in me, if I wanted to push it, but just stopped to  where I thought I was happy.

The last portion was another leg burner, and like the cp based battery days as it pushes me much more.

Friday, July 27th, 2012 Workout:
A. Work to a heavy single in the High Bar Back Squat quickly in a few sets.
Worked to 340 lbs for a quick single.
B1. x 3 sets of squat clean above the knee, rest 1 min
185 lbs-205 lbs-225 lbs
B2. X 3 sets, pronated weighed pull ups @ 35 lbs, rest 1 min