Friday Workout of the Day

This was the first time in 7 days, where I decided I was ready to get back underneath a barbell and hit some work with it. I did not go to heavy, and kept my percentages pretty low for the movement that I chose, and just gave it a go. Sonia and JC from CrossFit Bridgewater came over to workout, and it was a good change of pace, to finally workout with some people, and also workout with some elite crossfitters in the region. Sonia was on the world championship team for the crossfit games, and so was JC, so it was good work.

We hit some snatches and then a quick met con to end the day.

Friday, December 9th, 2011:
A. Snatches @ lightweight, concentrating on form, all sets performed at 2 reps.


B. 21-15- of:
Overhead Squats @ 95 lbs
Time: 3:26