"Goal Oriented 2011"(7.23.2011)

Having Goals and Aspirations can keep you motivated and help you keep the eye on the prize! The Vagabond Goals Board is filling up, so get your goals on the board and start working towards them everyday!

I. Events Coming up at Vagabond CrossFit:
1. Life AS RX Tour, Hartford, Connecticut, Saturday, July 30th, 2011
*Some members of Vagabond CrossFit will be participating in this event and wish them good luck when you see them*
2. 24 Hour Relay Race Around the Lake, Wakefield, Massachusetts, Friday, July 29th to Saturday July 30th, 2011
* 8 Members from Vagabond will be partaking in this event and representing Vagabond to the fullest, Good Luck Everyone*
3. Dr. Mike Molloy Lifestyle and Nutrition Lecture, Saturday, August 6th, 2011 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
* 50 Dollars for the full 6 hours, pay at the door*
*All Vagabond Members and Non-Vagabond Members Welcomed*
II. Goals and Aspirations for 2011:
What are your goals? Is it to get a muscle up, back squat 300 lbs, hold a free handstand, or simply to come to the gym more during the summer. Whatever your goals may be, it is good that you JUST have goals! A person with a long term plan, is a person setting themselves up for failure, which I think no one in their right mind likes to fail. Think of what you need to work on, or what you shy away from me during your everyday adventure at Vagabond CrossFit. Having Aspirations can set you up for success and hold you accountable for what you are trying to achieve. Get your name on the Goals Board, and everyday you walk into the gym, look at the board, and say I am going to do something today to get me one inch closer to that goal. Be Pro-Active. Be Responsive To Your Needs. Be Goal Driven.
III. Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 Scheduled Classes:
10:00 am Class Only
IV. “Saturday Sweat Fest Workout of the Day”:
“Tabata Saturday”
*Do the following movements for 20 seconds on/10 seconds off x 8 Rounds*
Tabata Wall Balls
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Shuttle Run
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Sit-Ups
Rest 1:00 Minute
Tabata Sumo Dead High Pull @ 95/65
Post Total Amount of Reps to Comments.