"Happy Easter"(4.24.2011)

HAPPY EASTER! Enjoy the Day and Great Job to Everyone on Saturday's Sweat Fest!

I. Schedule for Sunday, April 24th, 2011:
No Classes are scheduled for the day- Enjoy your Rest Day and See You Monday!
II. Grand Opening Event at Vagabond CrossFit:
Just a reminder to all, which you all know by now, we will be having the Grand Opening for Vagabond CrossFit on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. I am hoping everyone can attend and send their support to Vagabond CrossFit on the brand new gym in Easton. We will have representatives from Again Faster Equipment, Paleotrition, VitaCoCo, As Life As RX Clothing Store, and Steve’s Original on hand at the event. Please spread the word about the Grand Opening and let all your friends and family know about our new location. We will be holding the first workout of the day around 10:30 am, so be ready to go and ready to workout. There will be a little intermission time before the second workout gets under way. The second workout will be a little more advanced and prizes will be given out to the top male and female performance in the workout. The workout will have simple movements, but will involve a little more intensity. Anyone can participate in Workout One, and scaling levels will be provided. Workout Two will be performed as RX for all competitors!
*Also, Again Faster Media Team will be on hand doing a story on Vagabond CrossFit and its growth over the last 20 months. They will cover a story from where we began and where we are now as a gym. This will be the second time Again Faster will cover a story on Vagabond CrossFit and I am really excited about the opportunity of getting Vagabond CrossFit’s name out in the CrossFit Community.*
III. Pat Padgett’s Blog Site:
My close friend, but also arch enemy, has created a blog describing his experiences as a personal trainer, and giving some helpful tips on everyday life and how to be successful as a physical human being. He has some great material and I recommend you check on a daily basis!