"Heavy Dead Run"(8.11.2010)

Some Dynamic Warm-Ups before some Vagabonds hit the Workouts of the Day… The most overlooked part in physical fitness is a sound and prepared warm-up!

I. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up and Skill Transfer Exercises:
Monostructutal Warm-Up x 5:00 Minutes(Row, Run, or Bike)
Frog Stretch to Cobra Stretch
High Knee Power Skips
Heaven and Earth
Butt Kicks
Lunge and Twist
Lateral Shuffle
Squat Therapy

*Skill Transfer Exercises*(Snatch Work)*
1. Snatch Push Press
2. Overhead Squat
3. Pressing Snatch Balance
4. Heaving Snatch Balance
5. Snatch Balance

II. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workout of the Day:
A1. Snatch Deadlift @ 103% of 1 Rep Max of Snatch(3-3-2-2), rest 1:00 minute
*Make sure form is correct and back is good position. Concentrate on technique and bringing bar up with pushing knees back.*
A2. Contralateral Reach,(10-10-10-10)
*This will be a contralateral movement, meaning you will have a dumbbell in right hand and will be working on the left leg.*
B. ” Heavy Dead Run”(3 Rounds for time of:)
Deadlift x 10 @ 275 lbs/185 lbs, 225 lbs/135 lbs, 155 lbs/95 lbs
Run 400 m

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