" I AM"(3.3.2011)

Allison has been pushing herself ever since she started at Vagabond CrossFit 3 months ago! I just want to give her a shout out and want to thank her for her dedication and hard work! Keep It Up!

I. Dynamic Mobility Warm-Up:
Monostructural Warm-Up x 3:00 Minutes
90 Degree Quad Stretch(Flexion/Extension)
Calf Stretch(Hip to Wall)
Shoulder Openers(Bands)
Agility Drills of:
Jumping Drills
Feet Positioning Drills
II. Strength and Metabolic Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Front Squat, 5-5-5
*Compare to June 30th, 2010.*
B. “I AM”(10 Rounds for time):
5 DB Push Press @ 40/25
7 Box Jumps
14 Sit-Ups
*Level 1*
DB Push Press @ 25/15
*Level 2*
DB Push Press @ 30/20
*Level 3*
DB Push Press @ 40/25
III. Competitors Schedule Workouts of the Day:
A. Shoulder Press(Deload Week):
40% x 5 reps
50% x 5 reps
60% x 5 reps
B. 10 Rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters @ 95/65
10 Ring Push-Ups
C. Endurance WOD:
1500 m Row @ 90% Effort
Post Weights Used and Time to Complete to Comments.