Proper Coaching and Leadership Qualities can go a long way in your journey into reaching your goals!

I. Dr. Mike Molloy Nutrition Seminar:
Nutritional and Lifestyle Seminar with Dr. Mike Molloy on Saturday, August 6th, 2011:
The day long seminar (9:30-3:00) will explore how to manage your food and lifestyle to improve weight loss, increase performance and manage inflammation. You will learn how and why people become fat and how we can
tip the balance in favor of weight loss. You will also learn why some foods cause us to become chronically sick and how removing them from your diet can cause profound benefits for a range of chronic diseases. Most importantly, you will learn how to implement these changes to your diet in an easy and effective manner.
Topics will include:
macronutrient ratios
the importance of sleep
connection between health and mood
*Mike has worked in the medical research community for almost a decade on topics ranging from muscle regeneration to immunology and vaccine research. Additionally, he has three years of experience in the Crossfit community both as an athlete and as a coach of individuals and teams.*
Reserve your spot with Kevin ASAP. Cost is 50 dollars for the whole day.

Coach's Sixth Installment: What am I eating Today?

II. The Sixth Installment of What Your Coach is Eating?:
The picture above is of swordfish, spinach, kale, avocado, and grass fed meat. This meal is heavy on the nutrient side of protein, but has some worthy fat product with the avocado, and some of the best carbohydrates with spinach and kale. My goal in August was to start following Paleo for at leats 3 months strict, and things for now are going quite well. My first introduction into CrossFit was based upon the Paleo Lifestyle, and I went almost 12 months following ths strict six days, with one cheat day. During that time period, I felt my best and everything just felt right. Over the last year, I have battled with following the Diet to my acceptance, but now I have worked with Dr. Mike Molloy, and we have dialed down a plan that will work with my schedule, but also benefit my in the long run. Here is a good look at what I hope to be eating over the coming 3 months in a nutshell.
III. Strength and Conditioning Workout of the Day:
A. Snatch, build up to heavy single in 12 Minutes, rest as needed between sets and use as many sets as possible.
B. “Isabel”(For Time of the following Movement):
30 Snatches For Time @ 135 lbs/95 lbs
(Power or Squat is allowed)
*Level 1 and Level 2*
Weight will be what is appropriate for each athlete.
*Level 3*
Post Weights Used and Time to Complete to Comments.