"Jason's Touch"(8.25.2011)

A little fun in the parking lot with Band Resistance Runs!

*Keep an eye out for the new schedule starting the Tuesday (September 6th, 2011) after Labor Day: The major changes will be the following: Gymnastics Class will be on Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm, Olympic Lifting Class on Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm,  the 12:00 pm class will run Monday thru Thursday, and the regular 5:30 pm class will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.*

I. Strength and Conditioning Workouts of the Day:
A. Work to a heavy single in the Clean and Jerk, 15 Minute Time Limit
*Compare to May 26th, 2011*
B. “Jason’s Touch”(Complete the following for time):
30 Wall Balls
12 Power Cleans @ 135/95
30 Wall Balls
9 Power Cleans @ 155/105
30 Wall Balls
6 Power Cleans @ 175/115
*After each Wall Ball set, you must add weight to the barbell for the Power Cleans.*
*Level 1*
Power Cleans @ 85/55, 105/70, and 125/80
*Level 2*
Power Cleans @ 105/65, 125/80, and 145/95
*Level 3*

Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 @ 11:00 am will be in honor of KC Mckenna. Read the story below!

*Please Donate Here to the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser, Anything Helps!*
II. Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 @ 11:00 am will be in honor of KC Mckenna:
Please read the following excerpt from Ross O’Brien and who we will be dedicating our Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser for on September 17th, 2011. Remember, a small workout for those who have lost someone due to the war or cancer, can go a long way in the emotional healing of a tough situation!
From the Mouth of Ross O’Brien:
Hey guys the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser is right around the corner and from what Coach O’Malley is posting we are beyond our goal and climbing! Great job Vagabonds! As we all know the FGB is for the Wounded Warrior project as well as the LiveStrong foundation and we all have a reason/person for totally smoking our bodies that day. But of course with this, I have another favor to ask you, as a community.
Recently I had the great privilege and honor to sit down with a courageous 16 year who is battling Leukemia right now, K.C. Mckenna. During our conversation I found out that he is taking this battle one day at a time and really focusing on the tasks at hand. He just dominated his isolation period of 42 days in the hospital to try and begin to rid the disease from his body. He is now on to the next step in which he goes in to the hospital for a week and then gets to come home for following week. K.C. still has a journey ahead but he is confident that good things will come.
Also when talking to him I asked K.C. what he liked to do, he responded with the typical teenage answer video games, but then he said to workout with his father. That is when the Crossfit wheels in my head started to turn! K.C. and his family are in the biggest fight they have ever fought, Cancer. But we are all volunteering to participate in a fight of our own, the Fight Gone Bad to honor soldiers and show our respect for the people fighting cancer. So that is I am turning to my community for help. I am asking VBC to dedicate this workout to K.C. Mckenna as well as your other reasons/people. To show him what a strong community we are and the cancer community is. On this day I ask you, Vagabonds to wear something Orange, which is K.C. favortie color. But don’t worry if you do not have Orange, I will have something you can wear or tie on to your body. K.C. told me if he can, he will be in attendance on September 17, 2011 to watch as we dedicate this workout to him and to all the brave solider fighting! Again I thank VBC community for helping and showing the support that this fundraiser means to a lot of people.
Post Weights Used and Time to Complete to Comments.