"Jump N Rope Class/Seminar"(4.24.2012)

Jump N Rope Seminar


Hey Vagabonds,

We have some good news, we will be still running the Jump Rope Class this Friday, April 27th @ 6:30 pm. The cost of the class will be 10$, so please get us the money either before Friday, or pay us before you attend the class on Friday, April 27th. This is a great class because it will take you out of your comfort zone and give you a different feel of a how other classes are run. We are looking forward to working with Molly, and get ready for some cool things to learn.


We have another great opportunity for Vagabond as well, as it has come to our attention. Molly was supposed to be at another gym this Sunday, April 29th, but that gym canceled, so she is offering us a discounted price for the seminar, which lasts two hours long, and is a tutorial on how to get better at jump roping and double unders. The usually cost for the seminar is 50$ to 55$, but we will be offering the class at a reduced price at $35. We need at least ten people to take part in this class, so we have to let Molly know in the next couple of days, if we can get that number up to ten people. Please let us know, and email us @ [email protected]

The time and date of Jump Rope Seminar:

Sunday, April 29th from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

*This is a jump rope seminar class where you will be taught how to master the double under!*