Kristen Ecord: March 2013

Where you are originally from and/or where you live now:

I grew up in Florida and now live in Easton, MA

Month you were born in:

I was born in the month of April

What days/times you typically train at VBC:

I train Monday-Friday at the 6am class..

Anything else interesting/unique about you that you’d like to share:

 I taught Hip-Hop Dance to all ages for over 5years

In addition to being a CrossFitter, I am…

A Mother & a Sr. Research Manager

My proudest accomplishment(s) in my training so far is/are…

I would have to say my biggest accomplished since I started Vagabond CrossFit would have to be my QUATS! My first night attending the On Ramp class I got the nickname “Twinkle Toes” as I squatted on my toes! I can proudly say today I have much better squatting form which has helped me progress in a lot of other workouts.

 Some current training goals and/or personal goals are…

 My goals would be to continue to work hard and progress at everything, i could still be a lot better with many things .I would like to start attending weekend classes at VagaBond. I also hope to move up to “Fitness Phase” soon and maybe even participate  in the CrossFit Opens 2014!

What’s the best thing about Vagabond?

There are many great things about VagaBond. The atmosphere and people are the BEST thing about VagaBond. Before starting at VagaBond i was very intimidated by starting/joining CrossFit, but since day one i knew that VagaBond was very different. Between the coaches and the people everyone is always giving each other positive encouragement and feedback. VagaBond also offers many other different programs like the “pull-up” program etc to help people progress.. I don’t know any other place that offers these kind of programs to help individuals. I’m always talking about VagaBond CrossFit and always trying to recruit new people so they to can experience it.